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It’s been just over a decade since PPG introduced Trivex, the lightweight, durable mid-index lens material that PPG positioned as an upgrade from its industry-standard CR-39 monomer. There are four main types of plastics used to make eyeglass and sunglass lenses: plastic, Trivex, polycarbonate, and high-index plastics. With my new prescription I went to Costco In San Marcos .They have the KS HD digital Hi Index 1.67 and frame UV and ar coating included for $225. High Index Bifocals Trivex Progressive Lenses Trivex Single Vision Bifocal Lenses contain two different prescriptions in the same lens. This makes Blokz ™ Trivex ® the perfect choice for children who are especially vulnerable to the effects of blue light. The Varilux progressives make smooth focus going from near to distance. When compared to other lens materials, high-index nor polycarbonate are known to provide the ultimate in optical clarity. Are contact lenses a good choice for kids? Trivex is generally a similar cost to high index plastic. By Amy Hellem; reviewed by Gary Heiting, OD. Even though Trivex is just slightly thicker than polycarbonate lens materials, it’s lighter weight, superior optics, and structural qualities make … are impact resistant and more lightweight than standard lenses. With prescriptions of this power, the reduced thickness with high-index will make-up for the increased weight. Trivex lenses are thinner and lighter than standard plastic, with excellent optical clarity and Full UV protection. Trivex lenses, which rival polycarbonate lenses as the safest lenses on the market, are made of an exceptionally clear, lightweight lens material, which translates into excellent all-day wearing comfort. In addition to standard Trivex®, Zenni also offers Blokz ™ Trivex ® Blokz ™ Trivex ® is a superior impact-resistance lens that is designed for all-day wear and protection from blue light. This is a measure of how likely white light is dispersed into its component colors as it passes through a lens material — an optical imperfection known as chromatic aberration. High-index vs. polycarbonate: which is clearer? What happens to FSA dollars at the end of the year? What Are Trivex Eyeglass Lenses? Trivex® Color Boosting® lenses are the ultimate sun lens. For years, polycarbonate lenses have been the industry standard for safety glasses and children's eyewear. How older drivers can improve their driving at night, Improve your driving at night: With tips on glasses and lenses. Creators use a mold to construct the lenses in much the same way regular plastic lenses for glasses are made. In the same Rxs, lenses with Trivex material are always thinner and lighter than CR-39 monomer due to its index, extreme impact resistance and specific gravity. This makes  Blokz™ Trivex® the perfect choice for children who are especially vulnerable to the effects of blue light. Amy Hellem is a writer, editor and researcher who specializes in eye care and other medical fields. Shop now and get 50% off lenses & add-ons. Trivex lenses offer 100% protection from UV light, as do Polycarbonate lenses, however, they do need a scratch-resistant coating to prevent scratches. Eyeglass Lens Direct offers its line of Trivex progressive lenses. The cost was about $450. Under certain conditions (and especially with high prescription powers), lenses with a low Abbe value might cause the wearer to notice a colored halo or "fringe" around lights or to The Trivex lens is extremely clear, much more vivid than polycarbonate. Enjoy optical clarity and exceptional style wearing designer frames fitted with authentic Essilor lenses from FramesDirect. Prices offered are lower than standard retail prices. But when it comes to eyeglass lenses, you no longer have to compromise. Trivex Lenses. © 2000-2021 AAV Media, LLC. Blokz ® Trivex ® is a superior impact-resistance lens that is designed for all-day wear and protection from blue light. Like polycarbonate, Trivex also has inherent UV protection. The latest model REKS sunglasses feature their new Trivex Lenses, designed to make colors pop and provide maximum “optical clarity”on the golf course. This type of treatment is the same coating used to prevent light from entering sunglasses. (By comparison, the thinnest high-index plastic lenses available in the U.S. Compared with polycarbonate lenses, Trivex® is a premium material that provides crisper vision and is 10% lighter. In 2001, PPG Industries created a new purpose for a breakthrough plastic technology called Trivex. What do the numbers on your eyeglass frames mean? Trivex® lenses are impact resistant and more lightweight than standard lenses. Crizal is anti-glare. This makes  Blokz, the perfect choice for children who are especially vulnerable to the effects of blue light. Trivex lenses are made from a urethane-based monomer. molds and quickly cooled. Join our community to receive newsletters and offers. Trivex lenses are made from a lightweight, impact-resistant material. Trivex lenses, developed in the United States by PPG Industries, are available in a wide variety of lens designs and features, including progressive lenses and photochromic lenses. Trivex lenses do not have the internal stress that is associated with most polycarbonate lenses. Also, Trivex lenses have a higher Abbe value than polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lenses have an Abbe value of 45 (better than average among eyeglass lens materials); polycarbonate lenses have an Abbe value of 30 (lowest among all lens materials). Our Plus package features ultra-thin polycarbonate lenses. In fact, the Trivex lens material has the lightest specific gravity (density per unit volume) of any lightweight material used for eyeglass lenses today. The urethane-based pre-polymer substance would come to offer three primary benefits for eyeglass lenses, including: Anti-glare lenses save you from a surplus of reflections, which makes every detail on your environment shines with its glow- which you have by no means seen before. Trivex lenses also have a higher tensile strength than polycarbonate lenses. Trivex lens material was originally developed for use by the military in helicopter windshields and fighter jet canopies. Besides being called Trivex, the lens material is marketed under several alternative brand names by lens manufacturers, including NXT (Essilor), Phoenix (Hoya) and Trilogy (Younger Optics). Not all lenses are created equal. For those wanting the thinnest possible lenses and total UV protection, we have the Premium package that features Trivex or Thindex lenses. Trivex lenses tend to cost more than polycarbonate or standard plastic lenses. Weight: Despite having less material due to the thinner lens, polycarbonate sunglasses are heavier than their Trivex counterparts. Updated. Trivex is known industry wide to be the superior lens material but a lot more expensive. These lenses were developed by PPG Industries in 2001, and are composed of a urethane-based monomer, using a cast molding process. The cast molding process mimics how most other plastic and high-index plastic lenses are made: a liquid monomer is poured into molds and hardened in heated ovens. While REKS is known more for their “unbreakable” frames in their sunglasses, they are now stepping up their game in the lens department with the new Trivex. Thin Trivex material enables eyeglasses that are the perfect balance of performance and comfort all within a thin lens for most prescriptions. This microscopic coating eliminates light reflecting from the front and back surfaces of the lenses, … Progressive lenses also offer a Digital Premium package for crisp vision with MyFocal HD lenses. Since children’s  eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV and blue light,  Blokz. have an index of refraction of 1.74.). However, unlike polycarbonate, Trivex has an Abbe value of 45, making it optically superior on paper. Despite its benefits, it can be expensive and hard to find. Good for prescriptions from +/-5.00 to +/-8.00. Pros And Cons Of Anti Glare Lenses- Long Lasting It is a sturdy, high-quality, very clear plastic that works well for prescription glasses. Are polarized sunglasses good for night driving? Visionworks offers lens packages for every need. Good for prescriptions over +/-8.00. Trivex®, manufactured by PPG, is a clearer material than the industry standard polycarbonate. Thinnest lenses for high prescription. So you can experience superior eye protection, sharp vision and lightweight comfort — all in the same lenses. So, this stands as an essential pro many of the execs and cons of anti-glare lenses. FramesDirect.com uses high quality Essilor lenses, which include UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating. While Trivex has a slightly lower refractive index (1.53 compared to 1.58), it's specific gravity, 1.11g/cm3, makes it the lightest of any lens material available today. Trivex is a lightweight lens material that can be an ideal choice to balance between the impact resistance of polycarbonate lenses and the superior optical qualities of plastic. Although Trivex has gained many supporters, some eyecare practitioners remain hesitant to use it. Like polycarbonate, they are thinner (by 20%) and lighter than standard plastic lenses and offer excellent impact resistance. Because of their superior tensile strength, Trivex lenses are less likely to crack at this connecting point than lenses made of polycarbonate or other lens materials. This makes eyeglasses with Trivex lenses exceptionally comfortable to wear and reduces the risk of your glasses sliding down the bridge of your nose. Call Now: 281-242-5367 Then, in 2002, PPG Industries tailored the chemistry of the material specifically for use in optical lenses, making Trivex one of the most lightweight, impact-resistant eyeglass lens materials available. Costco has now the KS HD digital lenses.I had the digital progressive lenses 3 years ago with Crizal Coatings about 700 at the optometrist. Medicaid: Eligibility and Vision Benefits. Since children’s  eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV and blue light,  Blokz™ Trivex® is the protection they need to carry out all their daily activities. The optician recommended Varilux progressives, Trivex lenses with a Crizal coating, Transitions (with a pink tint to help night driving). Trivex lenses are cast molded, while polycarbonate lenses are injection molded. Lenses made with Trivex material are ultra-light for ultimate comfort; Trivex material is one of the lightest lens materials on the planet. Trivex Lens Treatments. Dominant eye test: How to find your dominant eye. For the best comfort, vision and appearance, it's a good idea to have anti-reflective coating applied to Trivex lenses. Todays modern coatings can make the surface of these lenses nearly as hard as glass. In this case, Trivex material was engineered to be the lightest material (1.11g/cm3). The Trivex (1.53 index) lens material is a great choice for lower and mid-range prescriptions, with enhanced durability in rimless style frames. In addition to standard Trivex®, Zenni also offers Blokz™ Trivex®. Their strength and impact resistance makes them a great option for kids’, rimless frames, sports goggles and safety glasses, or anyone who is rough on their glasses. It's always smart to choose a lens based on its strength and safety profile — particularly for protective eyewear for kids, sports eyeglasses and sunglasses. Trivex lenses are lightweight and resist cracking, making them a great choice for rimless frames. NXT lenses can be most closely compared to glass or mineral lenses when it comes to offering superior optical quality. Trivex lenses excel in this regard. 1.74 High Index Lenses. For the best comfort, vision and appearance, it's a good idea to have anti-reflective coating It’s also easier to apply lens coatings like anti-glare to plastic lenses.

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