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Then again, was there ever another girl for Lucas after their star-crossed episode one interactions? The fact that Logan and Duncan are best buddies. A Love Triangle commonly involves three people, love, and decisions. No big deal. 0% Watched. ... Hi all, I'm looking for a Japanese drama with a love triangle where there are 1 girl and 2 guys. This is the love triangle that keeps on giving when you think about it because it seems to come up time and time again because even though Dylan and Kelly are together for a long time, he's always referencing Brenda. Love triangles may seem more common on dramas than on sitcoms, but this is one love triangle that's pretty dramatic even though it's taking place on one of the funniest shows ever. Save Your Favorites Now. Dean (Jared Padalecki) was her sweet first love, Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) the soulful bad boy, and Logan (Matt Czuchry) the Yale classmate. Sure, you may never have been in a love triangle, but that doesn't mean you don't like to watch them on TV. Yes, you love Travis. There are two potential ways for you to view this love triangle: you have always thought that Joey and Dawson are soulmates on the level of Romeo and Juliet and that they should be together, or you are happy that she's found love and happiness with Pacey. TV Shows. Our favorite TV love triangles. Jane gets accidentally pregnant with … Here are the 15 best TV love triangles from sitcoms and dramas. Parenthood was one of the more underrated shows of recent memory, and it developed a juicy love triangle in its later seasons. Well, kind of. But no matter where you stand, there's a part of you that wonders if she should be with the other option. List of the latest romance TV series in 2021 on tv and the best romance TV series of 2020 & the 2010's. Did you want Jenna to end up with Matty? Logan is the bad boy who steals her heart, as bad boys tend to do. You love Caleb and Hannah as a couple. Plenty of television shows rely on the good versus evil love triangle, including True Blood, Revenge, and more. As Season 6 approaches, this triangle's outcome is totally undecided. The love triangle about Jane. Something similar to Chihayafuru, Peach Girl etc. It's impossible to think that Jake would make a bad boyfriend. Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan's on-and-off became so exhausting that, once again, Nate seemed like a viable option for our heroine's heart. And (once again as you'll see below) Foley's character wasn't it. Part of the fun in getting invested in any given love triangle is debating which love interest was right for our favorite TV characters. But at its core, fans were invested in whether Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) would choose Brooke (Sophia Bush) or Peyton (Hilarie Burton). When Monica (Courteney Cox) broke up with Richard (Tom Selleck) in Season 2 because he didn't want to have more children, Chandler (Matthew Perry) unintentionally swept her off her feet. It doesn't matter that this popular and beloved show is off the air and that it's been a while since the series finale aired, you still wonder about who Buffy should have ended up with. Somehow, it gets us every time. Each represented a different part of her identity. But since when did Carrie go for stability, when a pair of shiny stilettos was always around the corner? Totally been there, right?! ... this is definitely one for the ages and will go down in TV love triangle history. She and Jess bond over their shared love of books and while that's something that she does share with Dean, it's not really the same. Since Travis and Emmett have been best friends and even basically brothers, since Travis moved in with Emmett and his lovely mom a while ago, that adds another complicated and dramatic layer. But... he and Spencer were so good together. So what makes this not only a good and successful love triangle but a totally epic one at that? When fans were taking a break from fighting over Blair's one and only, they could delve into a different love triangle. Happens all the time. When she's with Matty, she's super happy and it's all good. Jane the Virgin turned the telenovela-inspired drama up when it came to whether Jane (Gina Rodriguez) belonged with Michael (Brett Dier) or Rafael (Justin Baldoni). She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog, But while Big did some major emotional warfare on Carrie's heart, furniture maker-turned bar owner Aidan (John Corbett) seemed to be a more stable option. 6.9K likes. Every time that you watch this glorious teen show again or even think about it, you can't help but smile at this love triangle. This can also mean developing some pretty intense preferences for which person your series' lead character ends up with. Love It. While other series' love triangle history are currently being written. Yes, he's super sweet and adorable and treats her well, and after all of the drama that Bay has gone through in her life, that's good enough for you. This is the classic love triangle that's got a girl-next-door type, a boy-next-door type, and a bad boy thrown into the mix. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. It was so obvious to you and the other loyal fans, so why couldn't they just be together already?! Super tricky. Even though Felicity (Keri Russell) developed strong feelings for her sweet best friend Noel, Ben (Scott Speedman) was a main driving force for our heroine's affections, for better or worse. Speaking of melodramatic teen love the end, the titular character (James Van Der Beek) finished last and Joey (Katie Holmes) went with his best friend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) instead. TV Shows. But Rory's dad Christopher (David Sutcliffe) always seemed to be lurking, culminating in an ill-timed marriage between Lorelei and Christopher in Season 7. These two shows wouldn't have the same dramatic oomph and a whole bunch of other series wouldn't feel the same, either. Many of these love triangles had very decisive endings where Carrie, once and for all, ended up with Mr. Big or Blair forever said her Three Words to Chuck. For those watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning, it seemed as if Lorelei (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) were meant for a caffeine-fueled romance. A love triangle so horrid that it didn't even have a happy ending. You still can't get over this sad moment and it's not something that you like to even think about. It probably brings back a ton of memories, along with how much you enjoyed binge-watching this show (or watching it in real time and trying to avoid your best friends giving you spoilers, which wasn't quite so fun). The question at this show's center: Will Alicia (Julianna Margulies) stand by her cheating politician husband Peter (Chris Noth) or forge a new life with fellow attorney Will (Josh Charles)?

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