when does all not mean all

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. For our part, we need to make the best use we can of the gifts that donors to Catholic Answers give us to spread the Catholic Faith. Everything is pointless: your life probably has no meaning. However, as nearly all people who read (and therefore interpret) the Bible do so outside of the original Hebrew/Greek, we shall only look at the English word “all.”. Does every ethnic group claim to serve and believe in the same god? All in English literally means all. If “all” really means “every single one” then we must conclude that the Kings of the huge kingdoms of the Mayans, the Aztecs, and so forth, traveled to this small middle eastern country Jerusalem to listen to King Solomon. I was visited by old men in their late 80’s and some in their early 90’s who had fought in World War II. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "what does it all mean" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. Change your default dictionary to American English. Some regular users of the Forums welcomed user fees. The additions tend to be formed on the quantity involved. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples by Ohmega1982 | FreeDigitalPhotos.net . Then it also presumes that kings of the Americas would be willing to take a long and perilous sea journey of many months there and back, leaving their Kingdoms for up to a year, to listen to Solomon rather than simply read his writings. Logged Are our broadest hopes broad enough? Take for example when God judges the Jews and says: “I will dash them one against another, fathers and sons together, declares the LORD. If the  “all” in Psalm 145:9 really means every single person then the Bible simply doesn’t make sense. We use all, not all of, before indefinite plural nouns referring to a whole class of people or things: … All with personal pronouns When all refers to a personal pronoun which is the object in a clause, we can … At first, we see the word ‘all’ refer to the totality of sin that God forgives, and we passionately agree. John the Baptizer sure seems like a very popular guy. Now this verse says “all” several times but does “all” mean what we say “all” means? not all the numbers are 0. means that there is at least one non-zero number. Yet, as a general rule, the majority who live in violence, die from violence. Certainly not! “All” does not just mean all. Why I changed – Preachers know less than science teachers. Information and translations of all in in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. All-in definition is - all-inclusive. Hi Questions bringing more questions. 62.6%. Second, this passage talks about youth being renewed, and the reception of love, surely the soul cannot be young, and love is not limited to the soul (ie. In fact the curvature of the earth is quickly noticeable, for example, you would not even be able to see the kingdoms of China or India from an airplane above Jerusalem. Also, how is it possible that King Herod of Jerusalem, who eventually killed John the Baptizer, was first genuinely repentant of sin and was baptized in the Jordan? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. ‘All’ Does Not Always Mean ‘All’ When you use stepping commands, TotalView determines the scope of what runs and what stops by looking at the TOI. Am I trying to prove that God does not “love all people”? The vast majority wished to make use of the Forums for free. not at all phrase. nothing is lost. Clearly every single person who took up the sword did not perish by it. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Instead, we are to let the Bible dictate the context and look for clues and hints that are right there in the pages. He died at the ripe age of 98. Being the utmost possible of: argued the case in all seriousness. Did the Romans count the peoples of the Americas? 4. 39.8%. It would mean that there were constant trade routes between the Americas and Europe. When it says that we should abstain from “all” sexual immorality, the context dictates that it really does mean every single type. Moving Mountains – Does a literal reading of the Bible teach psychokinesis. Recurring Patron donations will be discontinued on December 31. John the Baptist surely did not baptize every single Judean and citizen of Jerusalem, that would have to include every priest and even the Romans. I understand that the word "good" is interpreted subjectively. Do “ALL” have the laws and commandments of God? Here is an example of our contemporary usage of the word. This is hardly definitive or all encompassing. Recurring Patron donations will be discontinued on December 31. It suggests, but does not say, that most of the numbers are zero, otherwise a different form would have been used, such as "only a few of the numbers are zeros". We can be stubborn and confused. I feel sick. A message from the President of Catholic Answers Dear Members and Patrons of the Catholic Answers Forums. It’s really hard to believe that every single person in Jerusalem, including the families of those murdered rabbis would be troubled that the rightful Messiah was coming to replace Herod’s reign. I’m not hungry at all. 'The be all and end all' was coined by William Shakespeare in Macbeth, 1605. "All that glitters isn't gold" - Logically this means that every single thing that glitters ("all that glitters") is not gold, i.e. Did Jesus completely empty out the whole nation of Syria of every single sick person? I agree that words must be interpreted in their context. Now, in walks the fundamentalist who accuses his wife as going out with us when she was supposed to stay home and watch the kids. If you would like to continue supporting the work of Catholic Answers, you can. Or you can say that “all” really does mean “all” and adopt universalism by claiming that God doesn’t show mercy at first, but ultimately he will, and both passages are purely literal. All languages work in a fluid manner. Paul didn’t even use a word that could be incorrectly “interpretated” as hell. coup. No it means you’re in error because you’ve interpreted the meaning through your own cultural eyes. Well written. If I tell you that I read ‘all of the Bible, you would expect that I indeed read every single page. This is implied in verses 6 and 7. We saw the second night of "Peter Wilkins," a piece, taking it all in all… I propose that sometimes all means all and sometimes all does not mean all. This question is proportionate to the bible written in Proto/Paleo Hebrew Aramaic. All means all every single one. Just as ‘hell’ was not the destination of all but for those enemies of Christ who killed their prophets, saints n Messiah. MusicLover123. First off, God does not owe anyone anything, He could, can, and does, anything he pleases. Now here someone might try to argue that in some strange way it’s actually merciful for God to judge people, destroy them, or cast them into hell by redefining what the word “mercy” means to the point that it is meaningless. Definition of not at all in the Idioms Dictionary. Does the Greek word “pas” (each, every, any, all, the whole, etc.) No. 1. that. After reading several threads concerning the issue on here. Thank you all for your support over the years and God bless. (Although with Col 1:20, if “all” is taken literally, we see the same universalist argument without as good of an explanation.). Again, this still doesn’t apply to “all.” Take for example the story of Laszlo Csizsik-Csatary, a sadistic Nazi war criminal who was famed for torturing Jews and ultimately responsible for the deaths of at least fifteen thousand innocents. Our job is to listen carefully. Que signifie tout cela pour nous, les parlementaires, et surtout pour les Canadiens de tout le pays qui recherchent chaque jour par leur travail la prospérité pour eux-mêmes et leurs familles? Historians today state the Jews hated Herod and called him an ”Edomite slave” because of his subservience to the Roman Empire. But is Hankins’ statement true? Our attempt to draw even a tenth of what they cost to operate through patronage was not successful. Is the very universe, is creation in all its extent, a field wide enough for the Son of God? Our attempt to draw even a tenth of what they cost to operate through patronage was not successful. So how do we interpret this? It strikes me as strange that some of the respondents want to enforce a single all inclusive meaning on “all” to protect their interpretation, and yet would, like ALL of us, use the term to mean many without hesitation in their own writing and speech. That said, is God good to all, meaning every single person that ever lived and will live? I have made the decision to close the CAF after lengthy consultation with the Catholic Answers executive committee and board of trustees. The bard gives these lines to Macbeth, when he is contemplating assassinating King Duncan of Scotland and taking the throne for himself. Or why did this event of colossal magnitude not get recorded anywhere else in history? How could Augustus make a census of China if Romans had hardly stepped foot into China? all in all phrase. But when Mathew 2:3 says “all”, thus refers to all people who were aware…. token. Another word for not at all. When did God destroy ALL flesh? The obvious interpretation of this passage is that ‘all of the world’ doesn’t literally mean ‘all of the world,’ but is the human writers geocentric view. To  say that ‘all’ in both cases really and truly means ‘every single person’ leaves us only one option: ultimate reconciliation (or that everyone is saved). For example the word ‘all’ is often as a deciding factor (“hard proof!”) in Calvinism vs Arminianism debates, and it causes no end to grief to tell someone that “all have sinned” truly refers to all, yet “God wants all to be saved” refers to elect only. Once you throw all of that into a blender, the concoction that comes out is enough to create hundreds of denominations and theological viewpoints… and indeed it does. On Thursday December 31 at 5pm PT, Catholic Answers will close the Catholic Answers Forums (CAF). • The woe that is in marriage is not all that bad really. to search the largest database of Catholic answers. According to a literal reading of Scripture, no. If you really want to nitpick, you can still argue that for example 9:11 all flesh was cut off by the waters of flood, that some were just in boat, but even then it still shows for example in 9:15 that “all” doesnt mean all but means all in context of for example 9:11. A far more likely, and historically appropriate answer is that “all” means many and refers to local kingdoms, not those across the ocean. This is the British English definition of not at all.View American English definition of not at all. What about China, India, Japan or other large nations that were at the edge of the Roman Empire? First, many Christians continue to have some diseases of the soul (which we can only assume are psychological issues like anxiety, depression, etc). If you want to know if “all” means “all”, you first need to take an honest look at the doctrine of eternal torment. Surely not! The Bible is situated in a wide ranging spectrum of historical contexts and was written encompassing thousands of years of human culture, language, and history. It’s all contextual. The only option, if you want to keep the Bible inerrant, is that “all” in Psa 145:9 must refer to those who are not rebellious or under judgment.

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