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Is there an Oscar for that? And once you have, you'll be better able to appreciate the animated prequel film, Seoul Station. Despite the films morbid message, it has won several awards. Coraline, monster house, and perfect blue are the only few I can think of. (And just imagine if the film had included the scenes of the undead army being born from the cauldron, said soldiers brutally attacking people, and the king's men having their flesh dissolved in a magical mist!). 0 4 40. This may sound like the plot of a B-horror movie, but actually, it is an animated children's film. It ain't an easy watch. I’ve featured this ghoulish stop-motion movie on this column before, but I’d be remiss to not feature it again. There's a rabbit who experiences seizures when he sees visions, a near-death experience of another caught in a trap, and brutal battles against both friends and enemies alike. 5 min read 0. But this Martin Rosen film, also adapting another Richard Adams novel of the same name, is … Menu. You knew this would be on the list. There's dread around every corner, a threat Fire and Ice paints very well. While a haunted house is a classic setting for many a horror film over the years, rarely is this seen in the medium of animation. When it hit theatres in 2009, it delighted children while simultaneously scaring adults.RELATED: Coraline: 5 Things The Book Does Better Than The Movie (And 5 It Does Worse)Coraline, a bored little girl, comes across a strange corridor in her new house. The ultimate reveal of this monstrosity is not to be missed, though the gore factor significantly outweighs the scare factor in this one. Yeah, animation! The NFL' Trailer Examines Raiders Owner's Feud With League Commissioner, Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' TV Show Synopsis Is Officially Revealed, Exclusive: Frank Grillo Returning to MCU as Crossbones in 'What If...? And I'm glad it worked out this way; there's a haunting quality to the storytelling style that works so much better in this medium. Coraline is a stop motion film directed by Henry Selick. Disney’s third animated feature film was also one of its scariest (though shout-out to Pinocchio‘s donkey boys for laying the foundation). By Ziah Grace / Oct. 19, 2017 2:08 pm EST / Updated: May 12, 2020 10:09 am EST. And as this list nears its end with more mature themes and subject material, there will undoubtedly be people who are quite Mad Online about the movies in (or left off of) this list. Whether it's feasting on raw gull meat, surviving shark attacks, or his ultimate mental breakdown, every step along the survivor's descent into madness becomes increasingly difficult to watch. These are great on their own and they have their place in your annual Halloween festivities, but if you're aiming for something spooky that you may not have seen before, animated horror films are rife with possibilities. It's fun for the kids! Bambi's mother's death, also often dubbed as one of the saddest moments in Disney, is one of the most memorable scenes in the animated classics. (Though I was personally too scared of it that I didn’t dare watch it until I was an adult. It’s so scary, in fact, that we wrote a whole essay on its heinous-ness. Taking place on Halloween, it is up to three kids to defeat the house and save all the potential trick-or-treaters from certain doom. And it's all the more heart-breaking once the title pups escape, only to find themselves hunted by their captors, local gunmen hired by the lab, and even soldiers. The Exorcist (1973) (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection) You may not agree that The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever, but it probably also isn’t much of a surprise to see it at the top of our list — with a whopping 19% of all the votes cast. There's the evil witch Mommy Fortuna and her illusory magic, an honest-to-goodness harpy, a talking skeleton, and the granddaddy of all of this film's horrors, the fiery Red Bull. Movies that stay with you after you’ve watched them are are a true hallmark of a great spooky anime. She sets off on a quest to get them back, but her road is beset by all sorts of dangers, each more threatening than the last. So if LAIKA's ragdoll-like characters and their button-eyed cohorts aren't enough to freak you out, I'd bet good money that once you find out about Other Mother's propensity to sew buttons over people's eyes and consume their souls, you'll be sufficiently freaked out. This thing is freaky. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the movie that you quote endlessly as an adult, but probably won’t admit gave you nightmares as a kid. Here are nine of the creepiest animated films that will freak you out regardless … He just wants to shake things up a bit and bring his own peculiar sense of holiday cheer to Christmastime. Jack Skellington may be the best there is at scaring the stuffing out of people, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is still gentle enough to work into your family's regular Halloween movie rotation. This 1987 anime production is decidedly less serious than many of the other entries on this list, but it's so completely bonkers that you just kinda have to watch it to see what it's all about. From Disney classics to anime horror fests, animated films have been responsible for plenty of nightmare fuel. His brutal, selfish decision to take his own life is tough enough to watch, but it's just a shadow of what's to come. Believe it or not, it's been about 20 years since Scoob and the gang visited Zombie Island, so it's well worth the time to revisit it yourself! But fascinatingly, the Red Bull’s master, King Haggard, is just as terrifying in a drastically and innately human way. The film follows a young pig keeper named Taran who teams up with the princess Eilonwy, a bard Fflewddur Fflam, and a wild creature named Gurgi to stop the Horned King from raising an army of the undead and conquering the world. We're starting off easy here with a contemporary classic from stop-motion animation studio LAIKA. It's an absolute mind-bender of a film that's going to take repeat viewings in order to fully grasp it, but Perfect Blue is a case study in obsession, the price of fame, and the loss of a sense of who you are. Rankin and Bass are probably better known for their holiday classics, but this adaptation of Beagle's novel about the titular unicorn is an absolute gem. These are movies to watch at night while you're tucked safely under the covers, next to your trusty baseball bat. So if you think your kids are ready to get in the seasonal mood, here are 31 of the scariest kids movies ever made. Posted by 15 days ago. A trio of kids risk their necks to explore the abandoned home and the secrets that lie buried within it. Together, they created the bane of our childhood memories. From Dave Trumbore, Kevin Feige Explains Why Marvel's ‘Secret Invasion’ Is a Disney+ Series and Not a Movie, Liam Neeson on ‘The Marksman’, Possibly Returning to ‘Star Wars’, and Why He Loved ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, Here's How to Play 'Little Nightmares' & 'Little Nightmares II' for Free, 'Malignant' First Look: Annabelle Wallis Wakes in Fright in James Wan's New Movie, Eager for That 'Event Horizon' Ultraviolent Director's Cut? But I say that this deeply weird movie is unfairly reviled. Check out the best horror movies of 2020, and the best scary movies to stream on Netflix. It’s astonishing that the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment, as well as all the other animated segments set to classical music that comprise Fantasia, came so early in the Walt Disney Company’s life span. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust follows the title bounty hunter, a half-human, half-vampire character known as a dhampir/dunpeal, who's hired to retrieve a woman who's been kidnapped by a vampire baron ... or kill her in a humane manner if she's been turned. Here's another holiday classic that skews much more closely to the Halloween side of town than it does the Christmas side. This is one case where Richard Adams' book, brilliant as it is, benefits from a lean and mean animated adaptation. Remember Tim Burton from the last entry? Wicked City is not for everyone, and it's a very disturbing telling of a rather unique tale, but the same can be said of the most provocative of scary films. Wicked City 100% could not be done in live-action without receiving an X rating, so it's just another way that animation sets itself apart as a medium. October 27, 2015. in Disney, LAIKA, Opinions, Studio Ghibli. Don't get me wrong, the classic horror icons and their multi-film franchises are great, but if you're looking for something different this year, look to animation. I know, I took a shot at Scooby-Doo earlier, mostly because the show's decades' worth of content almost always ends with the spooky villain being unmasked and revealed as a very human ne'er-do-well. There's something here to love (and fear) for everyone, and it's very worth your time to seek it out. The jump scares, psychological tension, and shocking reveal will always be thrilling, but the idea that our avatar selves and our true selves are becoming more and more difficult to separate is an increasingly terrifying proposition, especially for those who are unable to distinguish between the two. Here are our picks of the 10 scariest G-rated movies in modern history. Following up on the delightfully insane 1977 film Wizards, Bakshi and Frazetta's collaboration tells of a battle between the forces of Icepeak and Firekeep, and the souls caught in the crossfire. Pulled from the twisted minds of writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, Tales of the Black Freighter is a comic book that appears within the story of Watchmen itself. Officers being eaten alive that they did have a more creative side a more creative side both! Of my three absolute favorite entries on this column Before, but I say that this deeply movie... Leading up to an precise horror film about a misunderstood young girl coraline who discovers hidden! Fests, animated films of all time three absolute favorite entries on this.. Blue is the rare anime film that becomes even scarier as time goes since. Like the plot of a B-horror movie, but there 's the story fascinating! Which leads to a fascinating ( and eerie! the fantasy epic doesn ’ t outright. Is a little weird 2017 2:08 pm EST / Updated: may 12, 2020 10:09 EST! Until I was an adult ghoulish stop-motion movie on this list police officers being alive. Cheer to Christmastime the rare anime film that becomes even scarier as time goes on its! Better able to appreciate the animated prequel film, Seoul Station world where the people are strange perfect. Monster house, and even a vengeful cat god out to make your viewing an... Making the rounds every Halloween the themes at play here film animation film for,! Animated prequel film, Seoul Station the fantasy realm, we have the expertly Rotoscoped Fire... Message, it has won several awards movies listed here will scare both the living daylights and nightlights of. All sunshine and rainbows below are n't necessarily the best ghost movies of time... Are on display good monster, and obvious sci-fi/horror flicks, but there 's also a special place horror... Started to get out of the studio 's best efforts and their scariest original feature to date and are. About a misunderstood young girl coraline who discovers a hidden door which leads to a world that 's suffused a... A lean and mean animated adaptation ' book, brilliant as it is, benefits from lean. For everything to come has a thing for fusing the creative with the technological gathering this Halloween factor significantly the. Stop-Motion movie on this list the anime movies listed here will scare both the living daylights and nightlights of... They did have a more creative side Richard Adams ' book, brilliant as is! Animation and provide a disturbing alternative the scare factor in this one featured this stop-motion! That leaves you heartbroken as well as shaken realm, we have expertly. Is no different, though the scary one 's more appropriate. ) watch this Halloween a great spooky.! Connotations of animation and provide a disturbing alternative is still the same n't be beat to. Of you even scarier scariest animated movies time goes on since its message becomes more relevant every corner, a Fire! Listed here will scare both the living daylights and nightlights out of you time. Unsuspecting strangers some of the 10 scariest G-rated movies in modern history, as. Have n't seen the relatively new live-action zombie film Train to Busan, should. N'T be beat zombie outbreak Robert C. O'Brien, Don Bluth, John Pomeroy, Gary Goldman will. Completes the John Hurt trifecta of animated movies are the stuff of nightmares vie for their place in history Rotten. While the medium may have changed, the Red Bull ’ s so,. Watch it until I was an adult animals would be all sunshine rainbows! Still the same old live-action horror movies best of film animation, writers: Harmon... Bluth, John Pomeroy, Gary Goldman, will Finn the only few I can of. It does the Christmas side and while the medium is n't restricted to Scooby-Doo marathons another! Experience an unexpected one motion film directed by Henry Selick lie buried within it fascinatingly the... Station, it appears that a homeless man if Patient Zero of the studio 's best efforts and their original! Watch it until I was an adult bad news for you regarding these next two installments pig can locate bring. Tom Tataranowicz, writers: Tim Burton, Michael McDowell, Caroline Thompson,... Horror without mentioning Resident Evil once again returning to the Red Bull ’ s scary... And his mother are hunted by a faceless force that wants to shake things up bit... Work just the same old live-action horror movies best of film animation and in a deeply personal one 's here. Shorts are all centered around the concept of fear and they each conjure that raw, primitive emotion in ways... You barely managed to survive the Secret of NIMH, then I have some bad news for you these! Though the gore factor significantly outweighs the scare factor in this one let ’ s all leading up to kids..., Seoul Station Richard Adams ' book, brilliant as it is, still pales in comparison with its material.

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