overvoid vs perpetua

What really happened is that Perpetua and the hands built something within it without it’s permission. That's manipulation. They made changes against the Overvoid. It's just a big sentient canvas. Mobius was created by a Super Celestial named Perpetua in the Sixth Dimension alongside his brothers Mar Novu and Alpheus. Crisis Squad lost this argument before it began. Mandrakk is not an aspect of Mar. When her purpose was achieved, she created an army of super predators to fight her brothers and sisters. The Great Evil Beast 5. You're arguing semantics by deliberately being obtuse, ignoring the clear meaning of what I'm saying, and pointing out something that has no bearing nor refutes the point being made. She’s performing a minuscule action that would literally have no effect on the Overvoid whatsoever. And also to mention one point, Crisis On infinite Earth is always there likes it's a suggest there is a Crisis affect the Infinite Universe, Final Crisis could be considered a Crisis On Infinite Earth. This event literally incorporated all of DC’s history to try and organize it and establish it as all having happening. That’s why The Overvoid > The Source all day. I don't care as much as you do. I guess Perpetua is now superior to the Source right? SO you could say that was specifically made for Final Crisis, tho it's a great series. They managed to manipulate it by tearing off pieces from it and creating Universes on it against it's will. They were not "trying to become the hand", that's some dumb nonsense you've made up. The answer is they don’t matter. You wouldn’t say because she pulled materials and energy from the Source that she must also be superior to the Source as well? So you can't even connect him to that since he didn't come into existence with the rest of the Monitors. Posted: (2 days ago) Monitor-Mind the Overvoid is the void of absolute nothingness that encompasses creation, standing outside of its deepest reaches, beyond all dual concepts and the stories which form around them, being the crumbling point in which all things cease to be, and the background of all stories and ideas within DC Comics itself. Manipulated implies they have control over the Overvoid. What reasons? You are a very sad individual who can't handle any form of criticism about his favorite fictional characters which you obviously adore to death somehow. Mandrakk 7. All I see is Monitor wankers grasping for straws and it is hilarious tbh. LOL just because the hands can build creations within the Overvoid, doesn't mean they're able to control or influence it. And it’s absolutely hilarious to me every time you all try to take the high ground. It's a past canon, in which Perpetua played no part because she was not invented yet. @alonis3612: It’s not. The Source!". i despise monitor wank so much. Read the context. Everything in it including the hands amount to 0. @mandrakksfang: It’s quite simple to understand Perpetua at full power made everything in the DC mutliverse, EVERYTHING. Perpetua and hands use the Source energy(The presence), and yet Rox said he killed the Dying God, which if that's the case, then Rox was making a Metaphor. Perpetua easily wins. We cannot. The Source is also the white page because it’s the energy out there beyond Nil. No, I'm not wrong about anything I've said. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. The word overvoid is not mentioned in your scans at all, and the idea that a being as insignificant as mandrakk is superior to the hands is utter nonsense. You can try to flood the thread with as much nonsense as you want, won't matter. ^_^ The hands came from the Overvoid and Mandrakk is the Corrupted side of the Overvoid. He came into existence during during COIE and observed the activity of the first crisis. Would have been interesting to see the specter play a part. From the Overvoid, protected by the Source. You can try to flood the thread with as much nonsense as you want, won't matter. On her own she's probably only slightly above the Spectre. @superprimetime: yeah i was just meming. He said that in the context of the DC universe, the white page is God, or the Source. Heck Overvoid was even scared of 1 … Seems like i have hit a nerve huh? Perpetua created the first DC Universe, however, her thirst for evil and destruction resulted in the multiverse being reformed as the God was imprisoned. We all know what the responses will be from that group, any and all statements will be inverted and polarized because you know you have nothing now but to scramble and try to flood threads with memes so only a few notice you were wrong. Your honey analogy on the other hand is false because Perpetua is not stealing anything from the Overvoid. She was sent by the Source twenty billion years ago to create new systems of life within the greater omniverse. u do realize that comic was made before the publication of Justice League when we heard Alpheus say it. For me, the cool, essential idea of all stories being real creates this great cosmology to play with. The Source and The Overvoid both fit that role. ROFL you come here without fulfilling the burden of proof but somehow everybody else can't handle the discussion and is wrong? Anyone reading knows how toxic you are and how afraid you are to even discuss these comics in a civil manner. No i would not. This thread should be locked and mj and xearsay suspended with a warning. Edit (1 day later): I might make a new post with more clearly defined rules so people wont be juggling so many things in terms of feats for each character. You and your friends here in the Crisis Squad make them on a daily basis.

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