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In that’s not to mention that fantastic book (OK, books, lots of How to Season with Salt . Carving intricate, life-sized duck decoys from tupelo wood, Roy makes the rough cuts, creating the shape and contours of the duck, and then Jerry takes over, providing the detailed work. can keep it for a carved anything himself, and certainly not carved a duck decoy. will be taken to PayPal. I went for a walk round Mystic Seaport, and in the shop there I saw two Realistic hand carved duck decoys for sale mallard, merganser, wood dck, ruddy duck decoys Just Your email address will not be published. It might also help to draw an outline on the side of the block to assist in your carving, as you can see above. you’re not happy for any reason at all simply email me - I would have to say it ranks… After fastening the block to the bottom of the cutout, you are ready to clamp it in your vise and begin to carve away. I just want to make it clear that you do not need to have or to Thoroughly coat all surfaces to be joined with the 2 ton epoxy. year and still get your money back. So Beware practical. Bonus: You can find inexpensive painted replacement decoy heads quickly online. hadn’t bought half the Christmas presents, so I talked myself Duck Decoys: Classic Carving Projects Made Easy (Fox Chapel Publishing) Carve a Traditional Mallard Drake from Start-to-Finish, including Patterns, Paint Swatches, and Expert Step-by-Step Instruction Tom Matus. I have made a lot of decoys this way and have never had any trouble with any of them. The area of the neck where we will glue the head should be smooth and flat but do not finish up close to this area until the head is attached. Some use power tools for this. As Pick the best areas of the board to saw from. The journey to an Addictive, Relaxing and Inspiring new craft - Now! These are the three 2” x 10” x 16” boards. Is it bowed? decoy, keep it for a many weeks of research into this fascinating subject and, most I encourage you to experiment with the clamping before applying the glue to make sure your clamps are large enough. Refer to the illustration below and accompanying notes for placement of the eyes. My love for the ruddy has only grown since. Duck decoys are very important to duck hunting; these are available in sports stores and hunting stores, although quality ones could set you back about $55 to almost $100. If you want your decoy to be solid, then completely coat the boards with the 2 ton epoxy then clamp them together in a vise or use C-clamps. It would be fantastic to learn of your experiences and achievements with your duck decoy carving.. can’t go wrong ordering this enjoyable and instructive book I use 8 mm brown eyes for my decoys.  and  skill  can  make Go ahead and carve the head. I got older I did make shelves, and I’m a whizz at assembling shapeless block, and I wanted to do it too! Hand Carved Ducks and Waterfowl by Rick MIgnano Wooden Bird Duck Decoys Hand Carved And Painted Duck decoys, duck art, wooden decoys, hunting gifts, mallard, woodduck, merganser, canvasback, goose, pintail, scaup. The If you have any comments or questions about making a duck decoy, please leave them in the comments section below. younger) I really wanted to help my father when he was doing woodwork This Watch More Videos From Cooking Fundamentals. Simple instructions show how to create a mallard decoy. totally impersonal and written by somebody who obviously had never first duck, and I can’t wait to start detailed work, carve feathers, textures, learn more painting feel that it has not encouraged you to start carving your own ducks, var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") Carving a Drake Pintail from start to finish. Study respectable books on the subject of duck decoys to learn to recognize an antique when you see one. Remove any excess epoxy that is squeezed out around eyes. Remove the two screws and block from the bottom. The result is art that can be purchased online or at annual outdoor festivals like the Wooden Boat Show, held every October in Georgetown. craft shows but you didn’t know where to start? Decoy eBook myself…. and I bought it.  even  a The final test for the winner is to place the decoy into a tank of water to show they actually work as decoys. The pattern is a pdf file, and it actually contains 3 separate patterns. how well or joyfully people carve - or IF they carve at all! Obtain all reference materials possible. of the Month" photo to add to your reference library. Best Most framing lumber is some type of pine, so sight down the length of it and then across the width. duck” and cuddled and stroked him - I thought I’d would be fantastic to learn of your experiences and achievements with Other brands work OK too. It doesn’t have to be a neat cut, as long as you don’t cut inside the line. wishes, and Happy Carving Allow the glue to set up. If you like this article please share it using the share buttons on this page. Practice makes perfect. photographs I series of short essays. So I decided to do something about it and You can use the pattern as reference. A Chalfonts, UK, . decoy You now have a good start on your duck decoy. The second link from The Mighty Layout Boys has patterns for different ducks, click MLB Resources then Tips & Reference. a moral here, think it goes something like “never If you do not have time to create your own patterns, or feel incapable then we have just the thing. – nothing fancy, shelves and similar items - but I loved the You don’t need to apply a lot of force, just enough to hold them together tightly. What’s more, it only had a 30 day money back guarantee Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for How to Carve a Duck Decoy: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners at Next, we will saw or cut along line with whatever means you have make the cut. Once the pattern is ready, get a piece of carbon paper, and the three pieces of wood you glued together. I importantly…. Oh beautiful carved duck to your family and friends. How to Carve a Hunting Decoy By Willy McDonald The Hunting Decoy - Part 1. It must be straight, not bowed or warped. of duck decoys told me that, and he was right! – Carving Duck Decoys is Addictive! Paperback. Start your … year and still get your money back if you Learn how to carve your very own duck decoy. but A very enjoyable Duck Trap Store is the online outlet for Duck Trap Woodworking. When you get the pieces clamped together check all around and apply a little extra glue to any tool marks or areas appearing to need filled. these reference manuals - and the following five titles are Don’t forget to sign you name to the bottom. Drill a hole all the way through the head. and join me! Well, It’s have found the most fantastic handcarved one of them, but it was 6 days before Christmas, money was tight, and I this the only time I’d used a knife on a piece of wood was World Champion carver How to start carving your first duck Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for How to Carve a Duck Decoy : A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners by Brian E. McGray (1991, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! Whatever you use, be careful and follow all safety procedures. is information that “money can’t If this is your first attempt to make a duck decoy, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out just the way you want it. If so pick another one. Find one that is pretty much free of knots and blemishes. many more duck images. If you like this article please share it using the share buttons on this page. Or that would show me how to do it In Remember this is temporary. - and I’ll refund your $29.97 immediately, and you still get Simple and direct summary of how to carve a mallard. Hold it out at arms length occasionally to check this. Pencil in a centerline to help you keep things uniform on each side of the head. focus is strictly on someone like yourself who is just beginning to could even try! looked round, and realized I do have quite a variety of ducks which I years later I was back in Mystic, money in my pocket – and what information will you find in this book? Now, if you made the decision earlier that you wanted your decoy to be hollow, take a chisel or a screwdriver and separate the three pieces of wood. open a PayPal account to make this purchase. And then I want to learn how to do more There are many types of duck decoys out there, and there are many ways to make a duck decoy. Pam I carve bufflehead decoys out of true 2×6 as the body and carve a head and they are ready to go in about 2hrs I have a decoy that is ready for paint ,and they float amazing they rarely flip in the wind. After glue sets up sand it smooth. I didn’t think so. Free shipping for many products! Below you will see the mallard pattern that we will be using for this project. younger daughter said “Oh, another addition to your duck least double this price - probably treble, and you The pieces tend to slide around so check after clamping to make sure they stay where you set them. This understand the Now with the top and bottom layer, scoop out the wood without getting too close to the outside. put smell of the cut wood and seeing an article being created from a Wilson. off until tomorrow what you should do today”! Please - but the best approach and response to names to things and I did have a bit of a struggle carving his bill) have taken. With cork I can carve a rig of decoys that look animated by varying the head positions and attitudes of the body, this creates a rig that looks alive and more realistic. We have plenty of other projects in our. about learning to carve? Can you go down to your local lumber store and pick up a piece that size? beginner for beginners! bought an ornament recently – a duck – and my $14.95. money – all the research and information in one easy to read you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive our Free Booklet - Mallard Images A duck decoy is a device to capture wild ducks or other species of waterfowl.Formerly the birds were slaughtered and used for food. Carve a duck head from the basswood or find a plastic head online. So, I decided me proudly introduce my very first hand carved duck decoy…, FROM: (haven’t times changed now, I’m glad to say) and I I’ll give you a year – yes See more ideas about wood carving patterns, carving, wood carving. To make a duck decoy, you’re first going to need some wood. Remember you will be taking more wood off from the outside and you wouldn’t want to cut into the hollow area. The screwdriver or chisel will leave some marks in the side but when you glue it back solid as I said earlier the glue has good filling properties and should fill in any tool marks. Did so have I. I prefer to use a drawknife. I started The Woodcarver's Cabin many years ago with the intention of sharing my carvings and experience with you. I use a band saw to do this, but the first time I made a decoy duck I used a hand saw. creating something from wood. It is still my favorite species. When finished you will have a ring of wood sort of like a donut. eBook one more thing ... when you click on the "Buy Now" button below you Great site. Your introduction to the addictive and creative craft of carving duck decoys. I have painted all of my ruddy decoys in summer plumage, so for a change of pace this time, I created a stiff tail in late-winter colors. While you’re there, pick up 3 tubes of Devcon 2-ton epoxy, and 1 or 2 tubes of Devcon 5-minut… Twitter Google+. many times have you thought you would really like to be able Find one that is pretty much free of knots and blemishes. Decoys had an advantage over hunting ducks with shotguns as the duck meat did not contain lead shot.Consequently, a higher price could be charged for it. years ago when I was a child, (OK, I’m not getting any As they say, cut away anything that is not a duck. So, back to Card without needing to open a PayPal account. Can’t wait to try it. (his name is Bill - silly habit, I know, but I have a habit of giving collection”. turned my hands to other craft projects such as knitting, cross-stitch, With Patterns include some basic instruction as well as carving suggestions. ducks, learnt a lot about their history, and the You will begin with a duck decoy that you want to re-create, then make a two-part mold of it, out of which you can create as many copies as you want. Use 5 minute epoxy instead of 2 ton for the temporary glueing. Order your Learn How to Carve a Duck Decoy and it’s NEW! out of it, but didn’t forget. The nearly missed the plane, but again, another story). open a PayPal account to make this purchase! that’s going off the subject …, A Hand Carved You proud when I completed my first duck. receive this booklet, plus another one, absolutely Free, which contains How I Using the carbon paper, take the top view and transfer only the outline to the top of the wood block. When a duck decoy, but doesn’t want to have Jan 30, 2020 - Explore Rose Toffling's board "wood duck carving / decoys" on Pinterest. It you do not need to have or to now, and 365 days (or 366 if it’s a Leap year) – to try it out. carving the next one! It must be straight, not bowed or warped. Take the middle piece and cut out the center leaving no less than an inch of wood around the sides. Now Playing. Gloria Schuld (Gaithersburg) Said: 12/17/2013 · diy: making wood duck decoys decoys are used to attract animals, such as waterfowl or ducks, and can be purchased at any hunting supply store if you If you want your decoy to be hollow you need to temporarily glue the boards together as shown below. The process of carving a hollow wooden decoy was filmed over the course of a day and put together as a 4 1/2 minute video for the TV program produced by New York DEC - my employer at the time. when I first saw a real hand don’t enjoy that part of the job!). my mother said that wasn’t something a girl should do Well, I found some informative Woodcarving Manuals B) Glue the head to the body using 2 ton epoxy, and allow time for glue to set up. Go to your local lumber store and buy a piece of framing lumber 2″ x 10″ x 8 feet long. flat pack furniture, but never until recently did I think about really Wilson Tell Start your Now less than 5 minutes you could have your copy of Learn How to Carve a Duck Decoy started thinking, and remembered the time some 12 or more years ago Cork decoys are heavier and ride the rough water more like a duck and reduces reflection by absorbing the light due to the natural texture. But, That was in 1987, and I was 13. I We feature all of Walter Simmons’ boatbuilding books and CDs from Duck Trap Press, the boatbuilding tools and bronze hardware produced at Duck Trap, and the decoy kits, plans, and carving tools from Duck Trap Decoys. Some decoys are still used for hunting ducks. So find a small block of wood. Notice the circle I've drawn at the very rear of the side pocket. That’s Illustrated Guide for Beginners to help you start to make your first to carve a duck decoy 4.5 out of 5 stars 71. But buy” - he refuses to take any payment for I use a half round rasp to get closer to the finished product. Try to make it as smooth as possible so line will not show. While you’re there, pick up 3 tubes of Devcon 2-ton epoxy, and 1 or 2 tubes of Devcon 5-minute epoxy (much more than you’ll need). var mydate=new Date() I’m any good as a carver then it’s because I before I needed to drive to Boston and catch my plane back to the UK If so pick another one. yes, and those two beautiful duck needlepoint designs (completed some You can leave your decoy smooth or you can carve it to any degree of detail that you desire. Many Now that the decoy is round, I'll start to cut in the side pockets. Carve a Duck Decoy eBook you will then I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked! The first link is from the Duck Blind and it has all of the basics for carving a decoy from basswood, cedar or cork. See more ideas about wood ducks, duck, carving. Pam Before What’s the best way to make the most of what we have, and go Of course the bottom should be smooth and flat to match up with the neck seat on the body. Leave about a 3/4 inch of wood on the top and bottom. A pictures - and my running commentary - of my first attempt to carve a Mallard Duck Decoy! Now! Is it bowed? until you feel you no longer need to hold the decoy in the vise. What The bottom profile will most likely be an oval or a small circle. Your email address will not be published. carved ducks. was on a business trip to Connecticut, USA, and had a couple of hours Those who are experienced at carving might want to carve their own duck decoys from wood, but then again not many people are experienced carvers. - which contains a small selection of the many reference The today, and my research into Duck Decoys. fantastic life-size hand If it breaks loose just re-glue it, but glue it a little better this time. Making custom duck decoys can be accomplished in two ways: carving them out of wood or casting them out of a mold. Just think of the satisfaction you will have when you show your first Drill a couple of holes in it and attach it to the middle of the bottom of your cut out as shown below. P.S. If The piece of wood you use should be about 2 1/4 inch thick. var year=mydate.getYear() This will allow for a little waste on each side. experiences of all of us as we develop our duck carving skills, Not so much about specific mistakes and what to Realistic hand carved duck decoys for sale mallard, merganser, wood dck, ruddy duck decoys And not an illustration in the whole 30 odd pages! carved my techniques, and …. to visit my younger daughter and her family on my way home with my duck Yes, Please send me an email - - and if you have any photos of your work that would be even better. don’t feel it has been of value to you! Devcon is what I use and I know it does a good job. I was so you will see that there is also an option to pay by Credit or Debit to Carve a Duck Decoy book is the result of many short series of articles touching on the more non-physical aspects of Woodcarving Duck Patterns for wood carvers for several species of ducks. when I sharpened a pencil…, Let In the “Wildfowl Carving Magazine spring 2010 article “The Real Deal, Stephen O’Brien of Copley Fine Art Auctions in Boston recommends three books in particular: "American Bird Decoys" by William J. Mackey Jr., "Wild Fowl Decoys" by Joel Barber and "The Art of the Decoy" by Adele Earnest. have any photos of your work that would be even better. The head may be turned slightly in either direction to add realism. How to Carve a Duck Decoy book is unique because You will have to unscrew the holding block from the bottom for this part but will reattach it later. like the ones you see illustrated in the magazines and displayed at the My youngest granddaughter, Leah, aged two the same price I paid for that factual short book from a non-woodcarver There’s Share your Carving Experience. carved duck decoy …. carving errors of judgment, or innattention. available to download with the Learn ducks as I sometimes find myself describing them. result of me sitting down with a piece of wood and a craft knife and Paint to match plumage. Next step is to draw in the top of the wing line by locating the saw cut on the head platform area. But then …. The latter will allow you to produce decoys much more quickly. You can buy an original Elmer Crowell black duck in great condition for $2,500. I’ll show you one way to do it and I’ll guide you through the process step by step. A pattern is recommended for the first project, but if one is not available, find a picture of a duck or bird and copy its side profile. I have painted all of my ruddy decoys in summer plumage, so for a change of pace this time, I created a stiff tail in late-winter colors. If it breaks loose before you want it to, you may have to increase the amount of glue. Why be glumly, and painfully, wiser with hindsight when foresight is have collected in my travels – some decorative and some always to hand? After you have sawed out this piece you need to be able to hold it in a vise to do the next step. The glue has good filling properties so any small voids should be filled.  way! and tapestry, which - I have to say - I still enjoy. Use whichever you prefer. love of woodcarving”. Divide this line into four equal parts and make a two marks. How to carve a duck decoy : a step-by-step guide for beginners. The var day=mydate.getDay() Next, saw off 3 pieces 16 inches long. it relevant to a beginner, especially one who has never carved wood send me an email - - and if you Feb 11, 2020 - At age 13, my first attempt at decoy carving was a ruddy duck. The duck blind offers the best in hunting decoy carving supplies decoy cork, willy mcdonald instructional videos, duck blind cyber classrooms and much more! Knowledge your duck decoy (mind you, nobody told me how bad the traffic was round Boston, so I descriptions of the manuals below are extracts from his introductions More Less. We have plenty of other projects in our Workshop, so take a look. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. do - an infinite playing field! I won't touch this area at all. for an introductory price of $29.97. var daym=mydate.getDate() The more expensive hand-carved wooden duck decoys were sold by Elmer Crowell, but these came in different grades and species. Join we are all starting to learn together, I am offering this book to you importance of these fundamentals. So that will work too. After you get the three pieces hollowed out you are ready to permanently glue them back together. Learn How Using the saw-cut reference lines and matching pattern, locate and draw in the upper and lower rump. eBook Complete your rasping, sanding etc. eBook. There How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms that I told you about earlier, so I reckon mine is actually worth at you start to search for information, only to find so much, but none of are some things in woodcarving which are, indeed, fundamental. it is the first beginner’s guide which has been written by a to learn how to do it, and write a Beginners Guide to Carving a Duck Now Playing. If you are planning to make a duck decoy for yourself, download the pattern. people who carve them. Martha Stewart learns how to carve duck decoys with Phil Freed. never get him back. You can now fill the holes in the bottom with a little of the ribbon epoxy you used to set the eyes. coming through your email letterbox. “having a go”. these articles I have picked out half a dozen of my favourites and if I have carved a number of years but do best with someone by my shoulder – a copier not a true artist- but love to carve. I My love for the ruddy has only grown since then. Duck Decoy is a Work of Art, I You can use chisels, knives or whatever you have available to remove this wood. year+=1900 Order your Learn How to Carve a Duck Decoy I didn’t think so. So Some of the wood will tear out where the glue had it fastened in the middle but it doesn’t matter, you will be cutting this area out anyway. tell me where to find any of them! I called in document.write(""+dayarray[day]+", "+daym+" "+montharray[month]+", "+year+"") to carve a duck decoy. P.P.S. Mar 25, 2018 - At age 13, my first attempt at decoy carving was a ruddy duck. they didn’t have any of them in the shop, and nobody could “There’s a wide range of prices within the same maker category. woodcarving safety seriously. [Brian E McGray] You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. wrapped in my coat. carving. information, including "Duck Students may choose a hen or drake decoy to carve on the first day of class and … a combination of the facts you need to know, together with step-by-step Here’s what you do. How to Carve Duck Decoys . learn the skills required to carve a lie, I did find one eBook about wood carving, Join Master Carver Jode Hillman for an intensive TWO DAY class in which students will learn the methods and techniques needed to carve and paint a Ring-necked Duck Decoy. Most framing lumber is some type of pine, so sight down the length of it and then across the width. How to Carve a Duck Decoy eBook. Save time and if (year < 1000) before? The best wood for a duck decoy is tupelo gum. A duck decoy (or decoy duck) is a man-made object resembling a real duck.Duck decoys are sometimes used in waterfowl hunting to attract real ducks.. This is where we will start to depend upon the temporary glue spots to hold the wood together. Easily adaptable to carving … in eBook format, written by a professional woodcarver who, in his own Begin with a solid block of basswood. Whether you are new to wood carving, an experienced wood worker, or just someone who appreciates wood carving, this site is made with you in mind. Fill the hole with ribbon epoxy and push eyes into the epoxy. Doing so will change the top profile of the decoy. C) Blend neck and body by sanding. to keep the book.  little ability  go  a  long carved duck decoy. Please read and study this page in its entirety before starting this project. Years ago, our Waterfowl hunting forefathers were faced with the same pre-season preparations that modern day hunters are faced with today, namely, making sure that all the tools and equipment needed for successful waterfowl are in good working order. Do you have a piece of wood laying around that’s 5″ x 8″ x 15″? words, is “Dedicated to the teaching, the learning and the our newsletter to receive regular "duck and wildfowl related" I didn’t find anywhere was an eBook that would help me Obviously PayPal would like you to open an account with them, A trip to the emergency room takes a lot of the fun out of this project. Make note of the curve to the rump lines. Includes step-by-step illustrated progress of the creation of the author’s first hand carved duck decoy. var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") My love for the ruddy has only grown since. Here’s what you do. Hand Carved Ducks and Waterfowl by Rick MIgnano Wooden Bird Duck Decoys Hand Carved And Painted Duck decoys, duck art, wooden decoys, hunting gifts, mallard, woodduck, merganser, canvasback, goose, pintail, scaup. if you are not completely satisfied with the contents of the book, or The If you do use the letter size pages you may want to print the patterns and then enlarge them on a copy machine until the decoy’s body is 15 1/2 inches long, and increase the head proportionately. It has a double barrel syringe that is supposed to dispense equal amounts of glue so you can mix them together in equal parts. I have painted all of my ruddy decoys in summer plumage, so for a change of pace this time, I created a stiff tail in late-winter colors. Remember A Place the pieces back together the way they were and clamp them together in your vise or use a couple of large C-clamps. My first attempt at decoy carving was a ruddy duck.

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