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Give the art a name like paraphrase, imitation, or verse transfer, and the translation police will not arrest you. Though the art form, in translation, is subject to lose its accuracy, integrity and beauty, Coleman argues that the process invites new opportunities to parse, and thus meditate on, any lingual and cultural disparities. Eavan Boland was born in Dublin, Ireland. © Academy of American Poets, 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 901, New York, NY 10038. By: Natasha Sutton Williams Thursday 19th January 2017 Clare Pollard is a poet translator, journalist, teacher and poet in her own right.Her first collection of poems The Heavy-Petting Zoo was published by Bloodaxe Books when she was still at secondary school. With lingo like "muktuk" and "tuttu," it's fair to say that some of her words — in the Inupiaq language of her native Alaska — ring unfamiliar to many: #NPRpoetryDreams of Dried salmonHerring eggsBlack muktukFresh tuttuWild akpiqs3000 miles awayJust an Iñupiaq in the city. Minor acts of translation ripple out from every single reading. For many good reasons the practical methods of how to render work from a particular language into English have been the subject of recent volumes on translation. Before we get into which poem words Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri prefer the most, there are a few things you should keep in mind while writing poetry in Doki Doki Literature Club. Why not show preferences, to use Jorge Luis Borges' favorite word for choice, judgment, discrimination, and taste? Create a Literal Translation Read the entire poem once or twice to get a broad understanding of the storyline, characters and setting. A translator operates in the unknown. Poetry - Poetry - Poetry and prose: People’s reason for wanting a definition is to take care of the borderline case, and this is what a definition, as if by definition, will not do. Reader, you are fooled. In performance particularly, a poem’s meaning can fluctuate and change dependent on intonation, on the sympathies of the audience, on the mood of the speaker, the sounds of the surrounding words, the accent of the speaker, etc. I shan’t, but I will try to illustrate Dryden’s main thesis — that the translation of poetry into poetry is an act of sympathy — the identification of another person with oneself, the transference of his utterance to one’s own utterance. Fidelity to the letter, preceding the word, makes an even better, higher form of faith. Yet translation of poetry is conceivable. Instability—eternal transformation—may be uncomfortable, but it is best to live with it. It's Coleman's turn — here's how the bilingual poet translates a work by Catherine Hulshof: "I am the wind pushing you. So the port where the cargo of poems lies anchored may be called Saint Faithful or New Harmony or Wild Strawberries. For a translator, to be "honest" means that if he steals the original for his poem, as Chaucer did, or invents or omits passages from it, as the two Roberts, Lowell and Bly, have frequently done, he will declare the theft or omission openly, as the Roberts do. 2 If that were the case, what would it mean? Outrage in art is desirable, and a bit of felonious deception and license are also healthy. A poet translator survives as a good confessed thief. But if murder and robbery are necessary, be open. And because there are no perfect word equivalents between languages, or even within the same language (as Borges proves in his story of the mad Menard), perfection in translation is inconceivable. The translator poet is a blatant robber but should not kill the other author or steal her very name from her. Gwerful Curses a Man for Beating a Woman. One of the more common methods is called literal translation. Of course Quintilian, being an eloquent grammarian, suggested the translation of quality oration rather than of the poem. Critical for the poem is when it changes tongues, that moment of translation truth when fire and knowledge come alive to commingle and create. Direct access to the original: probably the most common form of translation of poetry is metatextual, and consists in a critical apparatus prepared for a poem – in the same language of the poem or in another language – allowing people not particularly proficient in that language to access an interpretation of the text through a clarification of the semantic values of the original. A translator poet must be a translator. The poet in hot anticipation, with all the skills and preparation for walking in paradise, creates. Freedom to invent, to stray from the text, even to scratch out words and passages succeeds in a defined method, such as imitation, which Chaucer and Shakespeare boldly practiced. "I approach translation even knowing that it can't quite be what it is in the original language," he says. And when translating poetry, explore the text first, what emotions it carries and which formal means are used to do so, and remember there is no perfect interpretation. Aaron Coleman, a literary translator, interprets a few mini poems submitted to NPR's National Poetry Month hashtag, #NPRpoetry. This editorial choice is a formidable gain. In our ignorance, we need her work of restoration and we need to be saved. 'I am a ghost holding up the Earth' is an incredible line for any poem.". They may help get to the bones of the poem but your job is to put heart and live language on those bones. It is different. A translator's reward for a mistake must be capital punishment. Courtesy of Aaron Coleman We're still accepting submissions to Twitter with hashtag #NPRPoetry. Throughout her many collections of poetry, in her prose memoir Object Lessons (1995), and in her work as a noted anthologist and teacher, Boland honed an appreciation for the ordinary in life. Search within a range of numbers Put .. between two numbers. Finally, Barbara Valentina, manages, in English, to touch on this very theme in under 140 characters: #NPRpoetry he asks me about my ancestors/ I tell him/ I cannot explain what in my mother tongue means/ I am a ghost holding up the earth, She addresses the caveats of translation "in the fact that she can't tell him what her name means," he says. The second translation conveys a lot more about the meaning of the original poem, however, the lack of repetition results in the loss of emphasis on the emotions evoked by the words in the original poem, as well as a loss of the original beauty of the poem (Xie, 2014). Yet why not some flagrant unnaturalness? Poetry can certainly be translated, and it is, but an authentic translation cannot exist if the poet himself does not translate his own work. But even when famous at home, the work comes into an alien city as an orphan with no past to its readers. Don't worry that modernity will rub out the past. In translation, however, maintaining the rhyme of a poem often means interpreting it in a different way – but without losing the gist of the original piece. Think of a hilly field on a Greek island, with that rational light of the Mediterranean in which seven centuries before the common era Archilochos wrote about figs and wanton women and his own wild shameless sexuality. Allow Coleman to elaborate with a few poems of his choosing. A translation is the first acknowledgement of a string of original Buddhist rebirths. In rags, hand-me-downs, or dramatic black capes of glory, it is surprise, morning, a distinctive stranger. But not freedom to make errors. "At the same time, she's still able to create something beautiful in English. 7. Then, break the poem down word-by-word, phrase-by-phrase or line-by-line to paraphrase. Strategies used in the translation of allusions in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Research Question: Thesis Statement: The translation of Allusive expression should take into account the cultural barrier between the source culture and the target text when translating from English to Arabic. Old writers will not lose the centuries of their age when heard in modern diction. In its worst, barely clothed nudity, it cloaks its exposure with the scarlet T of translation. Whether wonderful or monstrous, the version is always a version, another working and retelling. As in translation, in the hierarchy of power a fidelity to the word is essential. A Day in the Life of a Poetry Translator. As in ordinary religious mysticism, the problem of ineffability exists: how do you find words to say the unsayable? The translator is a writer. Coleman shares another poem from Laurel Katchatag. Rhyme is naturally pleasing to the ears and lends a sense of wholesomeness to words that are strung together. As the worm example shows, poets can use enjambment to not only pique readers’ curiosity but also to suggest additional meanings and sound combinations. But as Octavio Paz has written, good poets are not necessarily good poet translators. 6 Cristopher Johnson suggests that Borges’s approach to literary translation … Translation is voyage and the poet takes a translation across the ocean. For example, camera $50..$100. The true counterfeit (an unattributed imitation or re-creation), which is other in sound and devices, may be invisible, go unrecognized, in order to pass on its own in the new mother language. A poet translator is a xenophiliac. In close translation, given the imperative of a soaring imagination in order to compensate aesthetically for nearness to the source text, the translator poet needs a good space suit, deft fingers while working in space, or else must keep a pillow on the floor. The ocean offers all things, including these mixed metaphors about the translation of poems. "Maybe it can open up a new way for us to see what can happen in English and what can happen in Spanish, for me, or whatever the original language is.". Don't eat a prickly pear for a peach and make unfriendly faces. A translation is a friendship between poets. And good or bad, beauty or trash, ancient or modern, a joke lurks under the text. Once across the border, in new garb, the orphan remembers or conceals the old town, and appears new-born and different. To paraphrase Robert Frost — not really. As if I had heard these words of mine April isn't over yet. Translators are hardcore stealers, but unlike ordinary literary confidence men, the translator gets caught. "That's the thing about poetry — it's as much a thing of words as it is a thing of sound," he says. The translator must gamble on gains to balance losses. The Chinese call the method of the great Tang poets of working imaginatively while being bound by strictures "dancing in chains.". Only a punk sees freedom and error as synonyms. Keywords : English poetry, Arabic poetry, translation, Robert Frost, strategies. A translation is never an exact copy. Poetry in Translation, a unit created by Queens teacher Carol McCarthy, draws on the unique abilities of her multicultural classroom. Canciones entre cortinas y el cemento blanco. When handsomely reborn through the word-giving voice of the translator, is the translation a form different from other literature? Translation is a zoo and a heavenly zion. If you would like to know more, you can ask for an instant document translation quote from the top menu. A translation aspires to the kabbalah, wherein the universe is a system of permanent though fiery words; yet it wakes down on earth in the knowledge of its instability and impermanence. We want to create a space where listeners can share their poems and read the work of others. The translator plays with nothingness, with la nada, and from nothing comes everything. Yes. A translation dwells in imperfection, using equivalents and shunning mechanical replicas—which is the dream of literalists who believe in truth. Nor does knowledge of the language of the original text qualify a translator any more than good knowledge of English makes every English speaker Milton. Readers of the original text read the language of their own time, unless the author, like Spenser, deliberately imitated an archaic mode. In the Zohar (the Book of Radiance), the infinite (the eyn sof) lies not in a stationary mass but in two forms of undulatory movement: darkness and light. To choose the unknown path risks loss—and often brings gain. Untranslatable lines are natural meadows of translation and yield the best wild herbs. The orphan is Don Quijote de la Mancha in Chicago. But poet and award-winning literary translator Aaron Coleman tells NPR's Michel Martin that the impossibility of translation shouldn't stop us from appreciating the art of the verse. As a writer of poetry, it’s one of the best ways to steer readers’ experience of language and different potential meanings. There is a mystical union between them based on love and art. "De nada a todo," Saint John of the Cross inserts into a concrete poem drawing. There it is the world of winged pythons; the earth there is ablaze with the fire they spit. So from the King James Version of the Bible to contemporary versions of modern Russian poets, putting together a responsible, literalist informant and a meticulously honest but imaginative writer is preferable to commissioning work from a scholarly nonwriter. The translator artist has the fever and craft to recognize, re-create, and reveal the work of the other artist. Translation is sin, Eve's courageous breakfast leading to forbidden knowledge of the unknown. 5. Then, as an unrecognized alien, it will enter the native literature, be absorbed by it, and refresh it. Whatever the choice, it isn’t the same poem. Yet if you must kill and rob, if you must transform the past and correct and embellish it for your time, confess and praise your benefactor. Would it mean that every moment of our lives here on Earth held a poem that we … We've been devouring your miniature poems in honor of National Poetry Month. Put a word or phrase inside quotes. A translation is never an exact copy. ", Then, the trickiness of translation comes out to play. The informant is a dictionary, not a poet, useful as a dictionary but risky as a poet. Modest designations will do—translation, version, paraphrase, metaphrase, retelling, imitation, or whatever. When discussing the poet as translator, from time immemorial it has been the custom to start out by quoting Dryden. Before God created the earth and heaven, he created the book. Combine searches And #NPRpoetry español: Soy el viento empujandote. What’s more we believe in providing high quality poetry translation services for low rates and we make fast deliveries. They "descended from the terrible and august crown of God whereon they were engraved with a pen of flaming fire.". Author: Gwerful Mechain Translation: Zoe Brigley Even the first three lines of the brief, nine-line poem illustrate that translation is far more complex an art than a simple mathematical process of replacing each word in Creole with its counterpart in English; the trot provided, while fascinating, is clearly lacking as a poem in English. In Spanish, "tiempo" means both "time" and "weather." Then, when you display your stolen wares, greater praise will await your deeds. The potter transforms the spirit of an old pot, the recollection of its shape, into a new pot. In la nada the Spanish poet-saint found God. For example, "tallest building". It takes time, experience and mental effort to produce a good translation of a poem. For example, "largest * in the world". But the port must have a name, a true name. The Torah was "written with black fire on white fire, and is lying on the lap of God." The secular poem marks only the last in a string of Buddhist rebirths and transformations. Good translation of poetry is essential to a hungry reader in a decent book store and to a global village of letters. The port too will suggest in its name the conditions of the sea by which the ship reaches its destination. But a fake or counterfeit of the original is possible, and usually it lacks criminality, since it stays close and calls itself what it is: translation. What has never been done in the adopted language will expand its thematic and formal boundaries and its literature. Although Antigone and Lear sometimes speak in exotic tongues, subverting God's rage against the monolingual builders of Babel writers still scrawl their words in a thousand scripts, pile them up on mounds of hope and futurity, awaiting translation. The skill of a translator poet is tested by strictures. Clichés in the original are often fresh in a new tongue, so give literal clichés a new life—especially those from the exotic languages. Here, the translator attempts to do an exact word-for-word translation of the poem, trying to phrase the piece so that both the overt and concealed meanings of the poem’s words still carry through, no matter how different they might sound when spoken aloud. It gives us the other. It is so only by affirmation of a superficial convention that sees poorly and has established feudal hierarchies of value between overlord originals and vassal translations. Because the dream of capturing and stilling words must really be seen as an allegory for death, a bad joke, it is better to accept movement—translation—and live with peppy Proteus and Heraclitus, the two Greek jokers. The Poet as Translator. The Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer has said about translation, “A poem is a manifestation of an invisible poem that exists beyond the conventional languages. So a paradox. Lexical shock renews weary language bones. In their old drawings we see a tree of life whose leaves are letters and a man whose body is covered at vital spots by the ten letters of the sefirot. Mastery lies in the manipulation of the clay. Basically, poetry translation should be semantic translation for a poem is typically rich with aesthetic and expressive values. Or under another name it gives us itself. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. It makes the unknown known. The poetic experience has moral and social value; most poets know this, and many have attempted to explain, or justify, the social importance of poetry. The ABC itself allows me some escape from a charge of inconstancy in method in that it indicates that method is justified provided it is openly named. "I think we all want to have translation work as a process of reproduction, but it's really a process of transformation," Coleman says. Those who invoke its former home wish to disenfranchise it. 5 Praising Gérard de Nerval’s translation of Faust into French, the German writer, for instance, exclaims: “I do not like to […] read my Faust any more in German; but in this French translation all seems again fresh, new, and spirited” (341). Poetry translation may be defined as relaying poetry into another language. A close rendition requires the greatest imagination and holds the greatest danger, for in staying close the poet may easily be seduced by the facile surface of literality. I’m of the opinion that translation doesn’t end with the writer. The unlikely and impossible to translate are rich. Keep tweeting us your verses using the hashtag #NPRpoetry. As for the translations that we do read in literary journals or in translated collections, it’s important to remember that the translation is the creative work of the translator. Octavio Paz goes so far as to declare, "Every text is unique and, at the same time, is a translation of another text.".

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