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Some companies have gotten on board right away and made it a priority. Katie: I agree 100%. College and University in Cincinnati, OH. Course topics include: Introduction to programming in C#/.NET, Serverside programming in C#/.NET, Database programming in C#/.NET, C#/.NET frameworks and design patterns and Client side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON). Tech Elevator has five campuses in the Midwest, preparing students from all backgrounds to transition into tech. Cleveland, OH. Margaret: I’m definitely a hands-on instructor; I like to jump in and help everyone. Bootcamp students also learn HTML, CSS, SQL, API, and JavaScript. Best Places to Work 2021 NEW! About $106K - $117K/yr Avg. With a world class staff and modern curriculum, Tech Elevator aims to change the way students get an education. They’re not interested in accepting people’s money and putting students through the program unless they know they’re going to be successful. We believe that a great mentor can be the catalyst for successful transformation. How have you seen the representation of women in development change over the years and how can bootcamps like Tech Elevator impact diversity in tech? Katie: I’m also very hands-on, I feel like code examples are the best way to teach. The pathway program includes resume writing, creating a LinkedIn profile, mock behavioral and technical interviews with instructors and recruiters, and Match-Making events with reputable companies. I’ve taught in a college classroom with 40 male students, and in my first Tech Elevator cohort I have 2 women out of 9 students. I had heard about this program through a friend who was a huge advocate for them. Prior to starting Tech Elevator, I had dabbled in HTML and CSS and tried to teach myself more but it never worked. David tells us why Tech Elevator teaches Java and .NET and the benefits of attending a bootcamp in Cleveland. Tech Elevator is an intensive educational provider helping individuals and companies acquire in-demand technology skills for the modern workforce. Added to this the instructors are incredible. But if you are determined, willing to put in lots of effort, and eager to learn, this is the bootcamp for you. There is not enough words to express how amazing everyone who works here is. Beth: Due to industry demand, we recently added a new module to include Javascript frameworks for front end. ... Instructor. I felt prepared when applying to jobs and interviewing. What are the tech scenes like in your respective cities? Starting with either Java or C#, you learn the core concepts of object oriented programing and then move on to databases, APIs and end with some experience in front end technologies. Tech Elevator instructor here. I could not imagine trying to learn how to code on my own let alone successfully find a job. The biggest part that separates this bootcamp for others is the fact that they help you get a job. Tech Elevator also offers students beyond its core markets, and throughout North America, class options through its National Live Remote program. Being able to have a new career after 3 months seemed like the biggest scam to me but after meeting and talking with the faculty at Tech Elevator I quickly realized this was the furthest thing from a scam. I took the leap and could not be more ecstatic with the result. We spoke with three instructors – Katie Dwyer from Cincinnati, Beth Campbell from Pittsburgh, and Margaret Green from Detroit – about the tech scenes in their cities, their teaching styles, and why they’re passionate about ushering more women in the tech space. Katie: There are a ton of companies in Cincinnati desperate for developers. If you would like to revise or delete a review, please email Course Report moderators. Beth: I started out with aerospace engineering, but due to some life changes I didn’t finish my bachelor’s degree. Tech Elevator is seeking student candidates that are willing to put their trust in our proven process and give a 14-week commitment to transforming themselves through our top-ranked coding and career prep bootcamp. Tech Elevator is invested in your success. We started Women, Wine and Web Design in Cleveland or Columbus and it’s now spread through all of the campuses. I personally was very weak on the networking/interviewing side of things and chose TE partially because they build that into the curriculum. Working(virtually) alongside other students with similar goals was incredibly helpful. They want to help you get a job. I’ve always looked for those opportunities so when I found this opportunity with Tech Elevator it felt like the best of all worlds – I get to teach as well as mentor. I went through the Cleveland TE program recently--I am making the assumption that the quality of the instructors and of the career placement program in Pittsburgh (the Pathway Program) there is as good as in Cleveland. I'm coming up on graduation in 6 days, and I can emphatically say this was a great decision. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh. We recently sat down with David Wintrich, Chief Academic Officer and Lead Java Instructor at Cleveland’s newest bootcamp, Tech Elevator. Everyone that is employed there is thinking of your best interests and the ultimate goal of getting a job. I had a college professor who inspired my desire to teach but I needed the “street cred” first.

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