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NHTSA ID Number: 10168573 Manufacturer Communication Number: 15-220-18R Summary This bulletin provides troubleshooting steps to use when diagnosing concerns of the Apple CarPlay and / or Android Auto feature not connecting or launching properly when a compatible device is connected to the head unit. Am I SOL on any updates to my Infotainment system to have Apple CarPlay? The dealers were unaware and resistant. We cover the latest CarPlay news and announcements, new CarPlay Apps on the App Store, to covering firmware updates and new hardware releases from manufactures and aftermarket head-units. Subaru has had multiple issues with Starlink and just settled a $6.25 million lawsuit affecting 2018 Subaru Forester, 2018 Subaru Outback, 2018 Crosstrek, 2018 Legacy, 2017-2018 Impreza, and 2018 BRZ. 2019 crostrek. Although the bulletin does not say it will work with Android Auto, the post says the update will be coming soon. Took the better part of a week to get the part and now Android auto isn't even recognized. If you misjudge it you get the awful and useless subaru voice system (I wish there was a way to disable that entirely, along with the radio). What is portrait mode for Apple Car play n 2020 Outback Touring model? CarPlay support is subject to change. One of our main gripes about the 2020 Subaru Outback was with the automaker’s new Starlink 11.6-inch touchscreen. Buy this CPLAY2air wireless Apple CarPlay dongle directly from its maker with Worldwide shipping! aus dem deutschen Mobilfunknetz, Datenschutz / Cookies Available on all new Subaru models, Apple CarPlay is the best way to connect your Apple iPhone to your Subaru STARLINK system. Both cables with the old phone work fine. I emailed carplay2air about wireless CarPlay for our Subaru here is their response. You would think that after costing them millions in settlements they would get this system right. 2019 Subaru Outback. Mo-Fr 8-17 Uhr. View Inventory with Apple CarPlay . It's worse on a road trip. Yeah, it took a while but they gave me a loaner and Subaru has treated me very well. My 2017 Premium system was simple and did everything I asked of it. Spend 18% less time per year (4 days) on the road* Save fuel. The newly released update should help Apple users run CarPlay in portrait mode. Man muss zum Subaru Vertragspartner und dort bekommt man auf Garantie die neue Version. Waze, and all other applications, are much bigger now. I was due for an oil change on my 2020 Outback so I scheduled it for that and the radio update. Really wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased my vehicle. Every hot day or every cold day when I start the car, about 15 min later the stereo freezes out on me I can't do anything, not even change the volume. No Problem!! Nähere Datenschutzinformationen finden Sie hier – Datenschutzhinweise und Optionen. aus dem deutschen Festnetz, max. If you have any questions, let them in the comments below and I will try and help. No idea, I have not seen this issue on any of the forums either. Der Trick bei Samsung liegt darin, man muss im Samsung "App Store" die Drive App installieren. 22 Affected Products Vehicles MAKE MODEL YEAR SUBARU ASCENT 2019-2020 SUBARU BRZ […] Yes, that's exactly what happened to me. I heard back from my dealer last night and they are still waiting for a response from Subaru. They ordered a new entire infotainment system to install this week. And can we stay forever? I am having my Touring's 2020 Outback infotainment update installed by my dealer this Friday. Rs4quattro. 03:30 – Reboot and testing the update 04:26 – Cold start to CarPlay menu test (35 seconds) 06:15 – Steering wheel controls test. I am currently looking at one 2 buy now. They did the same for me. With these incredible savings, now has never been a better time to update. I don't think it is activated right now and can't get to it because of the display. It’s truly a premium product now. It is a lot easier to say "hey Siri" (phone can even be face down), than holding the voice button for just the right amount of time. Weil Mirrorlink auf Version 1.1 zur Zeit aktuell ist, aber das Radio noch 1.0 hat, braucht man das Update von Subaru. The back-up camera now seems to be a higher resolution. Hello, Thanks for your interest to our product! Same thing happened to me in NY. I came to this article to see if anyone had a similar experience and found a solution - doesn't seem like it though. Follow this easy step-by-step guide, or watch the video above to pair your Apple iPhone to your new Subaru with Apple CarPlay. Is the app through starlink? Save time. They said they weren't able to fix it last night. As well as the new Carplay, the bigger improvement with iOS13 is that Hey Siri is always listening via the car's microphone. I'm hoping the software upgrade at least improves the Apple issue. Update. 0,14 €/Min. I had the work done today and the update makes a huge difference when using Apple Maps with apple CarPlay. He said they weren't able to keep the screen on long enough to put the update that is not corrupted on there. Hat man dann eine Mirrorlink App installiert, funktioniert das ganze. Man kann es nicht herunterladen. Why not actually *show* the new functionality in the article? New Owners Speak Out, How 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Looks at Night (with Video), Visit Torque News homepage for more stories, Subaru Starlink Lawsuit - New $6.25 Million Agreement Benefits 785,000 Owners. I then sent them an filled out the email form stating that I was interested in CarPlay/AndroidAuto for my 2017 Forester and was wondering when there would be an update. (Hintertürchen Mirrorlink oder Carplay?) I'm going tonight and hopefully they can fix it. I am at a loss with why the 2018 Forester is the ONLY car that doesn’t have this update? iphone 11 CarPlay does not work. If you are frustrated with Subaru’s Starlink there is good news. They said they released it with a glitch and are now receiving many calls similar to mine. Subaru updated its Starlink Apple CarPlay software for the 2020 Subaru Outback but what about Android users? 10/20/19. Bricked. IMO this is a terrible system and should be replaced entirely. See your dealer for details. Ich bekam das ME9208 Update. Navigation now fills more than 2/3rds of the screen. But it’s unlikely Android Auto will run in portrait mode yet. The start/stop function is now on the shortcut screen so it saves you from navigating through one less screen. It took my dealer a week working with Subaru to get Starlink to connect on my 2020 Legacy. I was aware of the iPod issue prior to purchase but was assured the USB and Carplay would make up for the issue. Save 12% on fuel with efficient routes* Save money. Cant tell you how disappointing the Infotainment system is in my Outback Touring XT. I contacted tow local dealers and neither know anything about the update and neither seemed to want to know! Thx, I still lose all my pre sets can't up load repair thru wi fi. We invited him to schedule a technology consult at our facility and he liked our idea. It might as well be a jukebox with three records. Make sure CarPlay and Siri are activated on your Apple iPhone. Please let us know if your dealer is able to reset the computer w/o replacing it. Der Forester hinkt da hinterher und da gibt es auch kein Update… What the heck were the SUBURU designers of that system smoking when they created that monster? Um Ihnen eine optimale Nutzererfahrung zu bieten, den Erfolg unserer Marketing-Kampagnen zu messen und unseren Service ständig zu verbessern, verwenden wir Tracking-Tools und Cookies. I talked to them last night and they said the display is on back order and they don't have an estimate of when it will be here. Portrait Mode Employed: Subaru Updates Starlink for Apple CarPlay. The HOME screen goes blank: When the screen is switched from Camera mode to HOME, no icons are displayed as shown below. They are supposed to follow up with me today with the status. What was the starlink settlement abt? The report says Apple users will also benefit from improved Siri response time, turn by turn directions, improvements to the backup camera, shortened satellite radio startup times, improved equalizer settings, and changes to the auto stop-start setting in the shortcut menu. There is no wireless over the air upgrade for this 504 upgrade as of yet. Check back tomorrow for more unique, informative SUBARU news, reviews, and previews you can trust. A client from Baltimore contacted us recently about upgrading the phone connectivity technology in his 2017 Subaru Outback. When a car appears in front of you it beeps. Rechtliche HinweiseImpressum, Subaru "Welt App" DatenschutzhinweiseNutzungsvereinbarung. I'm thinking this hit a lot of people. Still won’t play Spotify or audiobooks through CarPlay on new iPhone 11. New Subaru Ascent Family Hauler 3 Year Report Card - Are The Problems Fixed? The factory system sounded decent, but the phone connectivity and integration was not what the client was expecting, and he needed an upgrade. They are grumpy about it but .......SOA says if they give me any further grief on Friday I should phone SOA from the dealer to confirm what has to be done. Dennis, for the life of me, why wouldn’t you spell out in greater detail what the 6.2 million dollar Starlinlk settlement is all about. Gab es ja wohl schon mal für eine ältere Version. The latest iOS, version 13.4, from a couple days ago contains a few CarPlay updates. Subaru Is Now Number 3 With An AWD Lineup. And did your dealer say he would install a new infotainment system that’s updated to the new one with apple CarPlay? That will make a week since I went to the dealer. LeVorg, Outback und Co haben das neue das dann auch Apple Carplay und Android Auto beinhaltet. Before you start, you’ll need a PC or MAC, your Subaru VIN, an email address and a USB 2.0 or 3.0 drive that’s at least 16GB in size (We recommend SanDisk®, Kingston®, Transcend® or Verbatim® brands). Dominick Infante, Subaru of America Director, Corporate Communications, told the update is currently available only via USB through Subaru retailers, but the automaker is aiming for an over-the-air update by the end of July. Save on maintenance with less wear and tear on your Subaru* Reduce emissions. Subaru Outback Mounts A Strong Year-End Finish - Falls Short Of The Top Forester, How Subaru WRX And STI Finish 2020 Reveals Where Performance Brand Is Headed, Tesla Avoids Huge Recall After NHTSA Says Sudden Acceleration Is A Human Problem, Why New Microchip Shortage Affects Next-Generation Subaru WRX And STI Most, Subaru Scores 6 New Cars And SUVs With The Best Brakes - It's Not WRX Or BRZ, 8 Cars With The Most Comfortable Seats - New Subaru Outback Is Best Midsize SUV, The Best Tires For Subaru WRX? I'll have to check in on Monday to see what they say. Also k.A. You can do it yourself too by going to for instructions. Zum Seitenanfang; Benutzerinformationen überspringen. I brought it to the dealer. Those are the main differences that I’ve noticed. Anleitung und Download für Fahrzeuge ab Modelljahr 2018. Other than that, is there an aftermarket solution? They did the same thing as what you said your dealership did. We are happy to let you know that we are now in the process of completing the test of our adapter with multimedia systems. I think Google would need to enable portrait mode in Android Auto first before a car can take advantage of it. And in kinda of a related subject, I find the Starlink system on my SUBURU along with Starlink App on my phone totally confusing conceptually and operationally. I did the 'over the air' update and followed the directions to a tee. SUBARU Kartenupdate über MapCare Sehr geehrter SUBARU-Kunde, als Käufer eines SUBARU-Fahrzeugs mit der Option drei Mal ein jährliches kostenfreies Update zu erhalten, können Sie die Navigationskarte in Ihrem Fahrzeug selbst aktualisieren. It said the upload failed so I attempted it again but then the entire system went black. Here's hoping. Just connect your iPhone, and go. AFAIK, Subaru only supports the cable connected version in any of its vehicle line. Denis Flierl has invested over 30 years in the automotive industry in a consulting role working with every major car brand. Die ME9207 Version des Radios hat die aktuelle Mirrorlink Version. Leave your comments below, share the article with friends and tweet it out to your followers! Plugged in my old iPhone 6s with both a cheap cable and brand new apple cable from my new iPhone 11. Fortgeschrittener. By Mitchell Schaffer. And don’t get me going about the heating/ac system in the my SUBURU 2020 Outback. According to a post on Reddit , an employee of Subaru says the automaker released the software update on June 24. Unfortunately, this update will only affect 2020 cars and not older models. No worries! dann mußte man versuchen ein Update für das Navi bei Subaru für Mirrorlink zu bekommen. Pioneer Wireless CarPlay Technology Upgrade for 2017 Subaru Outback. It's driving, pun intended, me crazy. I gotta be able to see the streets on WAZE again . List of New Functions and Enhancements Included in Update #2: I've had nothing but issues with the new infotainment center. Also gibts irgendwie eine Möglichkeit den iPhone Bildschirm auf das Navi zu spiegeln? The good news is that the portrait mode is coming to 2020 Subaru Outback and Legacy models, first on Apple CarPlay and possibly Android Auto will be updated soon. After turning the car off and then turning it back on I found that Starlink was corrupted and would not load. Average sound, poor connectivity for my bluetooth and unable to connect to my iPod classic. A repeat client from Nesquehoning was looking for a technology upgrade to the factory Kicker audio system in his 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. The automaker says Android users should see improved responsiveness with this new software update.

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