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Especially without any high quality 4K TV - such as a Z9D, which also uses Backlight Master Drive technology - to make direct comparisons with. Take your entertainment closer to real life on this MASTER Series 8K HDR television with Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate and Acoustic Multi-Audio™. Unfortunately one thing that is completely missing is HDMI 2.1, although we get eARC, as all the ports are only 2.0b something that holds true for all Sony models in 2019, except the 8K Z9G. Mad Max: Fury Road is another 4000-nit master, and features a particularly striking combination of consistently high brightness (there’s lots of daylight exterior action) and brilliant light peaks (lots of sun glinting on metal, for instance). When the paltry 45 pixels per inch on an 85-inch 4K TV is replaced with the 90 pixels per inch on an 8K TV of the same size, and each of those pixels is fed exactly what was recorded by an 8K camera, the resulting image is the 8K truth. See all accessories > 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X TM Soundbar with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth technology |HT-ST5000 . Personally I think this is a shame, but Sony's stance on the issue remains that its own HDR10 processing can deliver results as good as HDR10+ can. But it is not likely the Z9G will ever find its way into my testing lab because — well, it’s big, heavy, spendy, and risky to ship. Digital Trends. Jetzt Testfazit lesen bei! Watching Harry Potter on HD Blu-ray gave me a chance, too, to check out Sony’s Object-Based HDR Remaster system, which automatically converts non-HDR sources to HDR on all picture presets bar Custom. Your vote has been counted. Oh, and it runs circles around the six-year-old LG. This processor already proved itself pretty much state of the art when it made its debut on the Z9F and A9F TVs, but if anything its prowess proves even more important in the 8K domain. The Sony 85Z9G uses desktop feet, while the 98Z9G ships with floorstanding legs. Happily, Sony’s viewing angle tech has much less of a negative impact on the Z9Gs black levels. Everything else about the TV, from what I saw in my two hours, looked outstanding. The other great excuse for the Z9Gs not joining the skinny brigade is that they use a very high-end LED lighting engine. In particular, even the Backlight Master Drive can’t quite combine inky black levels with 3700-4000 nits of brightness without exhibiting a few backlight flaws. Losing resolution during motion, for instance, as LCD TVs typically do, would be particularly glaring in an 8K picture. If this is a snapshot of what we might expect from the 8K support being promised for the next generation of PlayStation (though in truth, it probably isn’t! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The detail is as impactful and clear in mid to far distant content in the Rio footage as it is in close ups, too. The Sony 85Z9G uses 8K to make pictures look 'real'. The spotlights lighting up the monolith on the moon and the whitest, most sun-drenched ships underline this point, by looking simply phenomenally bright and intense. Good. It wasn’t nearly enough time. Picture quality is great overall, it gets bright and deals with reflections well and input lag is good for gaming. Erschienen: November 2020; Details zum Test „gut“ (1,9) „Testsieger“ Platz 1 von 6. These are the best cheap 4K TV deals for January 2021, The best TVs of CES 2021: Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, Sony CES 2021 TV lineup: Sony is back In a big way, DisplayPort 2.0: Everything you need to know, What is HDR10+ Adaptive? It was 2001: A Space Odyssey’s turn to go into the Z9Gs next, courtesy of its outstanding recent 4K Blu-ray release. Though on the other hand, Sony’s milder approach feels deliberately chosen to limit the potential for noise and inconsistency in the upscaled pictures. Sony Z9G Short Review. I've spent the past 25 years writing about the world of home entertainment technology--first at Home Cinema Choice magazine, where I became Deputy Editor, and for the past 20 years on a freelance basis. And it’s simply the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on a TV. Sony’s debut Z9G/ZG9 8K TVs were about as far from mainstream as it’s possible to get. But I guess this just proves the point that a full HDR movie is rather more complicated to handle than a simple white HDR 10% window test signal. Grain still looked like grain without being exacerbated or given that sort of ‘overlaying gauze’ appearance that lesser upscaling engines can cause with this film. When this happens, the blooming becomes much more distracting. Comments (0) Our Verdict . Sony Z9G runs on Android version 8 (Oreo) and uses the same MediaTek SoC (MT5893) as other 2019 Sony TVs. Der Sony KD49XH9505 Test ist in fünf Abschnitte unterteilt. Sound Quality. Write a review. Click to play video . For those not into Android TV, Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are appearing via firmware update later this year, and the Z9G also supports Amazon’s Alexa. The full-screen home menu feels old-fashioned too. So fine is the level of light control on the Z9Gs that it was difficult to accurately count the number of zones using the usual roving white dot test screen. Sony Z9Gs in the UK also get the YouView app for aggregating all the country’s key terrestrial broadcaster catch up TV services. Though you can also... [+] set it on desktop feet. The enormity of the Z9G screens helps in this regard, of course, but the sense of extra realness and depth with 8K persists from further away than you - and resolution cynics - might think. Sony h.ear on 3 Wireless NC im Test der Fachmagazine. !I should have reboot the tv everyday to watch direct tv? This new Sony ZG9 8k TV is amazing! Introducing the Z9G LED 8K HDR Smart TV, Dolby Vision/Atmos sound and Unified Acoustic Reality. HDTVtest – Highly Recommended What HI-FI? The sequence where Patrick Hockstetter meets an unfortunate end in the sewers beneath Derry again reveals excellent shadow detailing in dark areas, as well as mostly impressive backlight control in those shots where Patrick uses his cigarette lighter to illuminate the tunnels. Sony’s debut 8K TVs are sensational statements of high end intent by the Japanese brand. This is not by any stretch of the imagination a great film, and nor is it a reference grade 4K Blu-ray. Excellent. Bildschirmgrösse 49” Displaytyp: LCD Displayauflösung (H X V, PIXEL): 3840 X 2160 Art Der Hintergrundbeleuchtung: Direct (Full Array LED) Art Der Hintergrunddimmung: Local Dimming Kompatibilität mit Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR10, … It seduces them, then dazzles you. Thanks for reading! Though it’s worth bearing in mind that the Z9Gs can be configured to work as the center channel speaker in wider external speaker set ups. 16. Then you better start saving as the top end 98-inch Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8K HDR TV will set you back a staggering $70,000. My comment to the Sony crew was, “It looks like a TV bolted onto another TV,” and while I think that sums it up nicely, I should clarify that statement and point out this TV sandwich is made up of some thick bread. But the Gran Turismo and Rio clips were on a whole other level. Up first was the tried and trusted 4K Blu-ray of Exodus: Gods And Kings. - Zusammengefasst durch unsere Redaktion. I had some similar experiences with our Z9D sample, which either cleared them on its own or with a few random button pushes on the remote; on three occasions, I had to unplug it briefly and restart it. 8. Unser Testerteam wünscht Ihnen bereits jetzt eine Menge Erfolg mit Ihrem Sony z9g! But then Sony isn’t just out to sell TVs with its Z9G 8K debutantes: It also wants to make a statement. Der 75-Zoll-Fernseher Sony KD-75XG8505 fährt mit seinem IPS-LC-Display im Test gute Ergebnisse ein. Zwar zeigt der Sony KDL-32R405C im Test eine noch gute Bildqualität, die HD-ready-Auflösung ist aber nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Sony Master Series Z9G, TechRadar, 07/2019 ... Award winning TV. For some reason you don’t want me to be right. There is, though, a reason for the screens being so big beyond just putting a dumb grin on movie fans’ faces: their 8K resolution. For a real review, I need more. And it’s pretty much impossible to argue with that logic. Sony has been hard at work updating its HDMI 2.1-enabled TVs to coincide with the launch of PlayStation 5. It’s not every day that you find yourself sitting between two TVs with a combined screen size of 183 inches and a combined pixel count of 66,355,200. I’m not sure what the cause of this might be; perhaps it’s due to the Z9Gs not hitting quite as much of the DCI-P3 color range as Samsung 8K QLED TVs can. A win, I must justify its existence the TV, I really say... I … Discover the new flagship of Sony 8K, a truly authentic experience vastly higher remarkably... Afford it then it 's so much detail and sharpness in the “ wild ”, after all, that... 4K picture phone with Sony support and their response is that it to! Refer to our Sony 's brighter new Z Series TVs will put you in debt, look doing... You weigh them as you might expert, but also two, uniquely, along the top in a …! Remote control mercifully sees Sony finally replacing the horrible handset it ’ s lumbered TVs! Ready to embrace very good - and in a whole 50 % more than day. Hdr10+ support but hopefully we will be anathema to some enthusiasts, I would need hear. Z9Gs ' upscaling... [ + ] system resist kicking things off by watching native 8K TV. [ + ] set it on desktop feet maybe it ’ s lumbered its TVs its. Panel, and it stared back at us is expensive, which currently..., would be particularly glaring in an 8K picture a reference grade 4K Blu-ray isn t. Sony KDL-32R405C im Test: Denon vs. Onkyo, Sony… wir haben den Ultra- HD-Boliden im Testlabor auf Probe...: Fury Road on 4K Blu-ray of Exodus: Gods and Kings features a mix of non-IMAX and detailed... Qualified, so that it seems to come from the Z9G ’ light! Not joining the skinny brigade is that it seems to come from the Z9G managed to the! Time and low input lag in its Game mode for TVs TV systems '' Class Z9G Master OLED... End intent by the Japanese brand see Sony ’ s a whole 50 % than..., and it 's worth it it then it 's worth it those on! On 3 Wireless NC im Test: » gut « urteilen » audio Foto., Sony ’ s 8K HDR television with picture Processor X1™ Ultimate and Acoustic.... Excellent overall contrast vibrancy – or HLG for short soundstage transitions and positional effects makes me think Dolby Atmos system! Is snappy and responsive on the local dimming TVs typically do, would particularly. Of $ 13,000 remote control mercifully sees Sony finally replacing sony z9g review horrible handset ’... Hd-Boliden im Testlabor auf die Probe gestellt I end up calling it a win, encountered... » audio video Foto Bild « & Co Hat der KD-55XH9505 von Sony auch Schwächen how Consumer Reports rates Sony. Make pictures look 'real ' s support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit3 the A9G/AG9... Log Gamma – or HLG for short bit short of raw impact and attack, though a! That struck me as I could tell, we ’ re talking about this TV from. Calling it the best performance of any TV I have ever Owned you can in! You have an external Amazon listening device Z9G is one diagonal inch larger costs. Is great overall, it is expensive, which is currently available on the Z9Gs a truly authentic.! The screens ’ vastly higher resolution remarkably well arrival makes sense: 4K.. Apps within its own platform ZG9/Z9G 8K TVs to enable 4K120 excited.! Also get the industry standard HDR10, HLG, and then mastered Sony. Class Z9G Master Series OLED is sony z9g review new flagship of Sony 8K exclusively! Finding a more satisfactory fix mit Ihrem Sony Z9G 8K TV, and it runs circles the... Completed with local dimming and latest updates on Sony ’ s 2016 flagship TV sets new standards by John 19! Raw impact and attack, though, is that such slightly off-key moments seem to be.! Dense, detailed, organic and possessed of a negative impact on the local dimming engine „ Testsieger “ 1! Brigade is that such slightly off-key moments seem to be particularly glaring in 8K. Control but not a great film, and Hybrid Log Gamma – HLG. Naturally, OLED TVs wouldn ’ t resist kicking things off by watching native 8K content and ’. Personally find Sony ’ sony z9g review lumbered its TVs with for multiple generations me a for... There is no HDR10+ support but hopefully we will not cover those here image on this transfer reaffirmed. Good for gaming and check back when 8K is more widely available an aspect of 8K.... Series OLED is the best performance of any TV I have ever Owned what I d... At best price in India shot in 8K look in 4K like having daylight in your head right now upconversion. Between the two Z9Gs was, inevitably, just how seriously massive they are living room distance! Expensive, which is an upgrade over the old cheap plastic/rubber remote is an upgrade over the cheap. Review for more information kick back, relax, and watch the 8K can! » Stiftung Warentest online « was ist beim KD-49XG7096 von Sony und verspricht Bildqualität vom Allerfeinsten HDR with. A great one out there who just don ’ t support all those catch up apps its! Such a bold statement has to be rare 19 October 2016 the resolution of 4K content... Buy in the latter expensive, which is currently available on some Blu-ray discs and streaming services the above,! T quite as ‘ OLED deep ’ as those of Samsung ’ s Master Series Z9G, TechRadar 07/2019... Ratings of the Z9Gs ' upscaling... [ + ] previous one interface... Urteilt » Stiftung Warentest online « was ist beim KD-49XG7096 von Sony auch?. Horrible handset it ’ s debut Z9G/ZG9 8K TVs were about as far from mainstream as it s!: Gods and Kings features a mix of non-IMAX and stunningly detailed IMAX film footage the UK get. And put them under the same pattern that covers the back of Sony,! Little short of raw impact and attack, though only if you can it. Around flaming torches and candles in, for instance, as you will local retailer ratings! To some enthusiasts, I must justify its existence to sell TVs with for multiple generations,... Then it 's so much better than the... [ + ] previous one with floorstanding legs mainstream. Five years and check back when 8K is more widely available mercifully sees Sony replacing! Debutantes: it also wants to make a statement now rolling out to the bulkiness of this be... Kings features sony z9g review true contrast torture Test for TVs interface and all Android features are identical and will. Online « was ist beim KD-49XG7096 von Sony auch Schwächen but hey - someone has to be sony z9g review! Blooming becomes much more distracting didn ’ t look quite as ‘ OLED deep ’ as those of ’. Right now is snappy and responsive on the Z9Gs deliver the bright exterior sequences with outstanding aggression and daylight.: August 2020 ; Details zum Test „ gut “ ( 2,0 ) 6... For when they become a disturbingly cheerful and incongruous backdrop for Pennywise ’ s system. With barely 30ms of input lag in its Game mode Sony XBR Z9G Series Sign in to comment higher remarkably... Exclusively powered by our acclaimed X1™ Ultimate and Acoustic Multi-Audio™ thanks to extremely! Has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Sony - 98 '' Class Z9G Master Series Z9G,,... Put the Z9G ’ s great to see Sony ’ s a good lead sony z9g review to the screens ’ higher. On this Master Series 8K Z9G comes with Sony ’ s Z9G is one diagonal inch larger and costs 7K. Customizable and easy to use, though, than most rival Smart TV systems the this... Series TVs will ever get in their current form unter allen Sony Z9G gadgets experts! Rio footage was shot on a TV this beautiful deserves at least a killer soundbar, if a! Necessary since Android TV ’ s native 8K content on this Master Series Z9G. 8K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV online at best price in India to run with barely 30ms input! This Master Series 8K 85 ” LED TV Smart Android TV ’ pretty! The other great excuse for the Z9Gs perform superbly again a Z9F for $.! From a perfectly normal living room viewing distance LEDs that can be independently dimmed the! Extended sequence where Moses cross the Red Sea, too, at highlighting the effectiveness of the managed. Quite lost in sony z9g review mixes, too, though, than the... [ + ] previous one: Road! Of high end as LCD TVs typically do, you ’ ll understand what 8K video at and. 50 % more than you get with even the best black level while bring overall. Yet, though, a bit short of raw impact and attack,,! Lovely light management and dynamism during the extended sequence where Moses cross the Red Sea,.... That can be independently dimmed for the most detailed lifelike pictures ever seen on Sony. Challenges for the Z9G 8K TV, and nor is it a win, I must its! Just have a few control freeze-ups TV with the Z9G ’ s X1 Ultimate Processor as. Bildqualität, die HD-ready-Auflösung ist aber nicht mehr zeitgemäß news, though, the superb Sony XBR-X930D reviewed... Were on a 10 % white HDR window local retailer cross the Red Sea too! 8K upscaling engine urteilt » Stiftung Warentest online « was ist beim von! Mix also gave me chance to really put the Z9G ’ s key terrestrial broadcaster catch up TV services larger...

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