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From Australia. The newly developed front truck for performance and precision skating brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. Skateboards are our focus and have been since day one, we have always aspired to be a leading skateshop in Queensland. The Slide Diamond Surf Skateboard is now in stock from the Slide official retailer, Free Delivery* on A Taiwanese engineer, June Liu, who initially designed and engineered the Slide truck, a spring-loaded multidirectional, torsion surf carve truck system which equips all Slide skateboards Hot Buttered, a well-known Australian surf equipement company which manufactures skateboards and … It is also great for the smallest of the family, as it … Brisbane  2 - 3 days  Slide SurfSkate Board - 31" Gussie Amuitz Complete (Warning! Skateboards To Help Your Surfing. Hamboards offer a larger than life surfskate riding experience. Products in stock ship same day or next, if a product is out of stock we will be in touch to discuss options or refund. Slide Skateboards Improve your surfing or find the next best thing to surfing if you cant get to the beach. Designed with escapes to warmer climates in mind, the Cactus Wanderlust takes on soft pink tones of summer sunsets contrasted with cactus green trucks and burnt orange wheels. 100% quality Cotton... View full product details » Slide Skate Waimea Diamond 32" Surf Skate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Swelltech has been with professional surfers to craft the best surf training system available, offering the perfect platform to perfect your technique. Darwin 5 - 10 days  SwellTech Complete SurfSkate’s combine Pro Surfer designed SurfSkate shapes with a redesigned 360-degree truck system to allows for a revolutionary Surf-Cross Training experience. Slide SurfSkate Board - 32" Fish Tuna Complete (Warning! Each one of these boards brings a different approach to making a skateboard with characteristics that make it like a particular surfboard. Slide is the new collection of surf skateboards designed and developed in an exclusive collaboration of Slide Surf Skate, Hot Buttered from Australia and Sancheski at the Sancheski Factory in Irun (Northern Spain). It’s ideal for surfskaters seeking the sharpest carves and cut-backs they can find, or for surfskaters between 30kg and 50kg. Boardstore Skateboard Shop provides the largest range of Skateboards and skateboard decks in Australia, stocking a truly diverse mix of local and international brands. From Japan. The Slide Fish features a complete skateboard with a 32″ Canadian Maple Deck, a 6.25″ rear truck CA type aluminium, with Slide front truck in aluminium & 65 x 44mm wheels 78a a board that has to be ridden to really understand, a must in the skate & surf quiver! Free Shipping. Sold out Slide Skate 32" Fish Marrajo. Less Deck Concave is very important to emulate the surf feel, connecting your feet to the board. The Slide Fish Surf Skateboard is now in stock from the Slide official retailer, Free Delivery* on Watch; 8 S 1 p B D o n s o r e d Z 6 L 2 9 8 7. Regional WA 7 - 14 days. 1.9K likes. This board means carving control and intense, long rides. HB T Shirt - Heritage - Tribal Boomerang. The key lies within the front truck with added engagement & a real surfing feel. SLIDE SURFSKATE. All SmoothStar deck designs have been tested thoroughly for the appropriate rider. Regional SA 3 - 7 days  Always the innovator, Terry Fitzgerald has come up with a unique truck design to bridge the gap between skating & surfing to make the best surf skate on the market. Regional Vic 3 - 7 days  $295.00. Designed by and for surfers, their skates are used by surfers of all levels to improve their technique. With over 30 years combined experience in the skateshop and snowboard shop industry, we can help anyone find their ideal product. Sancheski, making dreams come true since 1934 Slide Skate NoseRider Swallow 33" Surf Skate. Slide Skateboards. ... Slide Skateboards. Our surf skate truck mounts attach to any regular skateboard or longboard, converting it into a carver style surf trainer! SwellTech have teamed up with Pro Surfers J. to craft some of the best surf training tools available. Slide Skateboards. A family project from a family of Californian surfers turned into one of the closest surf to skate experiences imaginable. NANA Skateboards are designed to make skateboarding fun! The extra lean provided from Surf Skate trucks allows for an incomparable pumping and carving experience that is perfect for off-season surf training. Free delivery options . The Australian brand has created surf training tools that adapt themselves to the height, weight and style of surfing of the rider. Designed for flat-day fun, the Penny High-Line Surfskate replicates the feeling of surfing on the streets. Pro Surfer Jamie O’Brien is a full fledge supporter of Swell Tech’s SurfSkate as it has given him and many other the unique ability to work on their technique and form when they aren’t in the water. Lets face it, you can't surf all the time, but you can still improve your surfing with these skateboards that ride like surfboards. The Slide Quad Surf Skateboard is now in stock from the Slide official retailer Regional NSW 3 - 7 days  Buy It Now +$47.85 shipping ... X 0 Q S Q S B M 4 p o n 8 P J s o r e d. Surf Skating Skate Skateboard Complete Slide. Cutback lover, this is your skateboard QUAD SUNSET 30” The Quad is our new shape for 2020. In their rider team you´ll find Filipe Toledo. Perth 4 - 7 days  Inspired on the typical shape of a 4 fin board, it has been built for fun. SmoothStar is designed and Distributed globally by … Get the HB SKATEBOARD -SLIDE -FISH from just A$295 with Guaranteed Free Shipping. The Ocean Mist Surfskate was inspired by aerial photography of the Australian coastline. Twelve Board Store is your favourite skateboard shop dedicated to providing Australian riders with the best skate and snow gear. You will experience the same feelings as riding waves, making Slide a perfect tool to practice and improve surfing skills. Brand New. Your email address will not be published. Custom surfboards or models not in stock, are made in the timeline given on the manufacturers page or as stated on each model, if you have a date you need to meet for a surf trip or similar reason please contact us so we can assure you, that your date can be met. If you're looking for a skateboard that feels like surfing, check out slide-surfskate. SurfSkate Australia provides Australia’s highest quality SurfSkates pre-assembled and ready to go straight out of the box. Surfskate are a skateboard designed to emulate the feeling of riding a wave, whilst there are many systems designed to create this feeling, finding the perfect system can improve your surfing tenfold by giving you the perfect cross training tool you can use almost anywhere. V.4 S4 uses a 4mm spring, with a lighter feel. The Z-Smooth wheels are perfect for the grip and slide needed for a Surfskate allowing sharp and tight turns and enough slide to throw the tail. Aussie Owned & Operated. SwellTech have teamed up with Pro Surfers Jamie O’Brien and Austin Keen to craft some of the best surf training tools available. Component parts are manufactured by Taiwanese partners at Slide, developed and tested at the Sancheski factory in Spain in collaboration with Hot Buttered Surfboards of Australia, Slide Surf Skate boards will bring you the closest to surfing possible on concrete.

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