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Bachelor of Mathematics, distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. Information technology refers to a broad range of computer-related subjects extending to virtually all facets of the digital world and telecommunications. Pakistan, Political Science & International Relations, HEC Curriculum of Business Administration for BBA, BBS, MBA & MS, Clinical Psychology - Post Magistral Diplome. 7. Program Information: The four-year program includes foundational courses in many business functions, and then permits students to concentrate on one or more areas. Month of Announcement: June & December each year — Entrance test date will appear closer to time on Website. The session ended at 06:00 pm. The course attempts to provide every student a set of productivity tools that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. *Prospectus are available in soft form at university website. A course in elementary physics, covers the basic concepts, principles and history of physics. Bachelor’s Degree BS (Hons 4- year programs) at College of Allied Health Professionals (AHP) in the following courses: Medical Lab Technology (MLT) Radiography & Imaging Technology (RIT) Operation Theater Technology (OTT) The book   O... Data Base ( Access) Connection With Window Form Application (C#) .Net. It is located in Faisalabad and also have many sub campus and you get admission in all campus on merit here. BSCS. Semester VI. Course outline and Fellowship awarded by College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan; Induction through entrance test. Course Outline: Evolution of Object Oriented (OO) programming, OO concepts and principles, problem solving in OO paradigm, OO programme design process, classes, methods, objects and encapsulation; constructors and destructors, operator and function overloading, virtual functions, derived classes, inheritance and polymorphism. Course Outlines Study At Adelaide / Course Outlines / FOOD SC 1001WT Log-in; FOOD SC 1001WT - Nutrition I Waite Campus - Semester 1 - 2021. It contains different types of courses of related class. contents of courses, sub-committees were constituted in the previous meeting, which provided the revised contents during the last six months or so, therefore, in this meeting we will finalize the contents of the course and finally, we will give some general recommendations. This one is official book published by IT series. It includes objectives & learning outcomes, course contents, scheme of studies, teaching methodologies and methods of assessment of learning. One course of teaching methodologies from the following . The coding system of the new scheme is also devised on those lines that clearly reflect its various levels. You get complete detail about GCUF online free from here. It generate certificate of result and also report of the quiz. You are here: Home; Examination; Annual System; Syllabus; Bachelors Part Wise / Combine GCUF is a famous university of Pakistan and every year thousand of students get admission here. Course Contents for Subjects with Code: BSCS This document only contains details of courses having code BSCS . Very informative and expressive .things are easily play online at http://railbeeps.org, Great Article Final Year Projects for CSE Project Centers in Chennai For CSE JavaScript Training in Chennai JavaScript Training in Chennai. NCRC members reviewed the final draft of course contents along with recommended books in the technical session for 6th to 10th semester of DPT. Faisalabad Data Communications and Networking By Behrouz a Fo... Data Base Management System Short Questions, Object Oriented Programming C++ 4th Edition .pdf. – Rising Education. Scheme of Studies BS Chemistry MSc Chemistry MPhil / PhD Chemistry Course Outlines × Chemistry | GCUF The fee of bs 4 years science programs in which chemistry, bio chemistry, botany, physics, mathematics, statistics, environmental sciences, food sciences and some other subjects fee is 22,200 for each semester on regular base. Objectives: By the end of the course, students will be able to: 1. Courses to be offered during Spring Semester 2017; BS Home Economics; MS Food & Nutrition; MS Textiles and Clothing; MS Human Development and Family Studies; Ph.D Home Economics; Skill Development Short Courses; Information Technology. 44 thoughts on “GCUF Past Papers” Pingback: download course outline for BSCS GCUP Affiliated Colelges. Colleges) Fall-2019 ISL-302 Islamic Studies BS Math GCUF Past Papers 1 thought on “Download Course Outline BS. Technical Session-III: Meeting started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Sometime Name of course is being changed . BS (4 Years) for Affiliated Colleges Code Subject Title Cr. Student Portal for the students of Government College University Faisalabad Pakistan (GCUF). Educational Planning and Financing. 3(3-0) 3(3-0) 3(3-0) 3(3-0) Area of Specialization 1 (Two courses from one area) EDU-663(A) EDU-667(A) EDU-665(A) EDU-669(A) Educational Management. To bring the outline of all courses at par with those of international institutions especially of the advanced countries as due to lapses and lacks in our local scheme of studies, Pakistani students and scholars face problems in getting admissions and jobs abroad. Qualifying courses from other institutions may be used to meet up to approximately 75% of the upper level course requirements. Pingback: BSCS Govt. +92-41-9200886 which this course is being taught (CS, IT, SE etc.). GCUF Books Menu. Computer Organization And Architecture By William ... Operating System Concepts 8th Edition By Abraham S... Data and Computer Communications By William Stallings. Course topics will include selected topics in mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. Faculty; BS Information Technology; M. Sc Information Technology; Short Courses; Mathematics. Course Requirements (all must be met) You must be a first time full-time undergraduate (Exceptions are provided for students who hold a Level 6 or Level 7 qualification and are progressing to a Level 8 course in the same general area of study). *Course Code and Course Title should be carefully noted. DATA COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING Fourth Edition Behrouz A. Forouzan DeAnza College with Sophia Chung Fegan • High... Computer Organization And Assembly Language, Introducation to Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, Introduction to Information and Comunication Technologies, Introduction To Computers By Peter Norton Pdf, Operating Systems and Networks By IT series.pdf, Data Communications and Networking By Behrouz a Forouzan, Computer Architecture 4th edition 2011 pdf. Download Course outline for BSCS GCUF Affiliated Colleges. Notes; Programming Fundamentals Email: cs@gcuf.edu.pk BS Computer Science; M.Sc Computer Science; Lyallpur Business School Focal Person: Arslan Najeeb Khan Ph: 0419203036, 03227211112 Email: arslannajeeb@ucp.edu.pk BBA-2 (2019) BBA-4 (2018) BBA-6 (2017) HEC Curriculum of Business Administration for BBA, BBS, MBA & MS; Information Technology Focal Person: Mr. Tahir Abdullah Course Contents for Subjects with Code: ENG This document only contains details of courses having code ENG. Colleges … Lab Course-II (Atomic and Nuclear Physics), Reactive Intermediates and Photochemistry, General-VII(Zoology-IV Animal Diversity 2), Special Course*(nitrogen Assimination and metabolism, Introduction to Food Science and Technology, Electrical Appliances and Safety Techniques, Fundamentals of Space And Communication Technology, Practical Field Training and Report Submission-I, Surveying and Application of GIS in Technology, Paractical Field Training and Report Submission-I, Introduction to Architecture and Town Planning, Practical Field Training and Report Submission, Business Ethicsand Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Behaviour and Human resources, It was nice unblock game .

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